Preservation Solutions Leather Saver

Leather Restoration Conditioner is a high quality non-toxic leather restoration conditioner used to restore dry, stiff leather to its original condition. This is a fast penetrating leather restoration conditioner that will not oxidize or darken leather and is an excellent choice for conditioning and treating both new and antique leather.

Leather Restoration Conditioner forms a bond with the fibers, preventing it from washing out or migrating. This restoration leather conditioner is made from the finest oils available and will not leave the leather dark or with any oily feeling. Some leather conditioners are made from sulfated oils, which will build sulfuric acid and eventually cause deterioration.

Leather SaverLeather Saver will not build acid. Leather Restoration Conditioner does not contain humectants such as glycerin or glycol, which encapsulate moisture and lead to mold growth and “sticky” leather. This product has an indefinite shelf life and is perfect for home and equestrian leather.

Preservation Solution Leather Care Products:

Preservation Solutions offers a unique set of Leather Care Products. Their Leather Care Products have been used by museums and professional leather restoration specialists all over the world. Preservation Solutions Leather Care Products will preserve the original qualities of your leather or help to restore those qualities. Click here to see latest deals.

How To Use Leather Conditioner:

Apply an even coat of conditioner to the leather. If the leather is extremely dry, allow the first coat to dry and then apply an additional coat of Leather Saver.

Important: Not For Use On Suede

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