Preservation Solutions Leather Furniture Cleaner

Leather Furniture Cleaner is an effective and gentle furniture cleaner. Leather Cleaner can be used safely on antique and modern leathers. This product is also an excellent automobile leather cleaner. Preservation Solutions Leather Cleaner is safe, easy to use and will not discolor your leather furniture or any leather articles.

About Preservation Solutions:

Preservation Solutions offers a unique set of leather care products. Preservation Solution leather care products are made using the finest raw materials available and have been used by museums and professional leather restoration specialists all over the world. Preservation Solutions products will preserve the original qualities of your leather or help to restore those qualities.

 How To Use Leather Furniture Cleaner:

Simply dampen a soft rag with Leather Cleaner and wipe surface. If the surface is particularly dirty, we recommend using Preservation Solutions Leather Detergent. This concentrated leather cleaner will provide a deeper cleaning and additional conditioning agents.

Important: Preservation Solutions Leather Cleaner is Not For Use On Suede.

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