Preservation Solutions Leather Detergent

( concentrated leather cleaner )

This is a concentrated leather cleaner used to clean and wash leather articles that are oil soaked or extremely dirty. PS Leather Detergent has excellent deep cleaning qualities for removing oil, dirt and other contaminates that may harm your leather. This concentrated detergent contains softening agents that penetrate the leather surface, helping to prevent it from becoming dried and stiff.

About Preservation Solutions:

Preservation Solutions offers a unique set of products specifically for the preservation and care of all fine leather. These products are made using the finest raw materials available and have been used by museums and professional restoration specialists all over the world. Preservation Solutions Leather Care Products will preserve the original qualities of your leather or help to restore those qualities.

How To Use:

Mix 1 – 4 ounces of leather cleaner concentrate to each gallon of luke warm water and wipe leather ( submerge loose leather ). Rub and/ or agitate until determined that the leather is clean. Wipe ( rinse loose leather ) in warm water and allow to dry ( slowly ).

Optional Method:

Completely wet the leather by soaking it in a bath of luke warm water ( loose leather ) or wet the leather by sponging ( water temperature should never exceed 100 degrees F ).

Using a brush, apply a generous coating of detergent concentrate to the surface. Apply to both sides if the leather is loose.

Next place the treated leather in a plastic bag ( if loose ) for 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly with luke warm water ( again, do not exceed 100 degrees F ).

Allow leather to dry ( slowly ). In most cases no further conditioning is necessary except for leather that was extremely dry and stiff. If that is the case, repeat the steps above. The leather may take several days to dry.

Note: Always test a small area in the least conspicuous place before treating the whole leather article. Most antique leather has been tanned with extracts ( also known as bark tanning ) and holds up well to washing.

Important: Preservation Solutions Leather Detergent and Leather Cleaner are Not For Use On Suede.

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