How to Improve the way your Fireplace Heats your Home

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Man has been using fire to combat shivering cold weather and chilly nights since time immemorial. Despite all the technological advances, fire is still used as a common means to increase the room temperature. The problem with fireplaces is that, no matter how much fuel you add in the furnace, the heating effect won’t be uniform and some part of the house will remain cold.

To alleviate this problem fireplace blowers and fans are used. These devices maximize the performance of your fireplace, first by collecting the heat accumulated during the burning process and then blowing it into the room with the help of a fan. This mechanism is somewhat comparable to air conditioning system, but here in this case, hot air is circulated instead of cold.

What Are Fireplace Blowers?

Fireplace blowers consist of tubes made of cast iron which are inserted into the fireplace. When burning starts, the heat generated accumulates hot air inside the tubes. The fan then blows cool air into the tubes thereby forcing the hot air to spread into the room. This system traps the heat which otherwise escapes through the chimney. Thus it helps you to extract maximum heating effect out of all the fuel consumed.

Fireplace Fans

If you use electrical fireplace, then a fireplace fan could be an ideal choice. The fan effectively circulates hot air through the interiors of the room and this in turn allows you to use less power while heating. The fireplace fans effectively omits the need for intensifying the heat generation which becomes otherwise necessary if the hot air were to circulate on its own. These fans can be used with a multitude of fire sources but they are best combined with electrical fireplaces since they do not produce any residue or flame which might be blown away by the fan.

What Are Fireplace Fans and Blowers Made Of?

Fireplace blower and fans are usually are highly resistant to heat. Such devices, if operated properly may last for years. These systems have become so necessary that nowadays, most fireplaces come with inbuilt blowers. But those who do not have such blowing systems in their house, they can buy add-on fireplace blowers which can be fixed onto existing fireplaces. The installation process can be a bit tricky and is best handled by a professional. Use of these blowers may generate some noise in the room but it is not something that will cause you great discomfort.

The fireplace blower is an integral part of the fireplace. It distributes air that is both warm and comforting on those cold days. The air distribution can also help to lower heating bills. When a fireplace is equipped in the home, it can be left alone without having to worry. If you are in need of heating equipment in your home, and are considering the portable fireplace unit, you may want to give consideration to purchasing one that comes equipped with a fireplace blower.

The blower operates much more efficiently when a glass cover is used to trap the heat within the fireplace unit. This allows the air inside to heat up to a greater degree, thereby allowing the air to be warmer as it is being blown into any room. The constant warming of the air in the room will allow the fireplace to intake warmer air and make the whole heating system work more efficiently. When using the heat grate system or the unit that comes with a fireplace blower, up to ninety percent of the heat will be transferred back into the heated room – rather than up the chimney flue.

The design that incorporates the fireplace grate heater can be purchased in many different sizes and is designed to fit into most fireplaces. They also operate in the same fashion that as the heat pump that operates while blowing hot or cold air. This method is sure to add to efficiency and lower your energy cost over many months of use.

Many outlets that sell the fireplace blower will provide the customer with illustrations by way of video. This will show the people how easy they are to operate. These units are durable and will last for many years. To beat those high winter bills, the fireplace with a blower will cut your heating cost.

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