What is the Best Way to Clean Leather Furniture?

You may own a piece of leather furniture, but are you sure you really know how to maintain and clean it?

Our handy guide below will make sure you know some of the best ways to clean leather as well advise you on some of the most recommended products on the market to make your leather sofas, couches and furniture looking brand new!

A number of guides online advise using general household cleaners to clean leather furniture, this is really a mistake. For example two most common pieces of bad advice people get are:

  • Use natural oil such as olive oil to condition leather sofas
  • Use baby wipes to wipe leather furniture

Natural oils are heavy and seep, and over time will cause oil spots that are hard to get rid of.

Baby wipes may have a small level of alcohol or spirit in them – both these items are hyper-drying and will destroy the protective leather sofa finish and may even discolor them.

See below where two wipes, general purpose baby wipes and furniture care Fenice wipes were used in the exact same manner. In the example the side treated with baby wipes lost the protection and water seeped into the leather, while the other wipe kept the leather finish in tact.

The effect of baby wipes on leather

Simple Steps to Cleaning Leather Furniture

Tip: always test an inconspicuous area of your leather furniture with your cleaner before applying it, just to make sure its the right leather cleaning product.

  • Use a vacuum with a brush attachment if possible to remove any dust. For those hard to reach places, use a good feather duster.
  • Select the right cleaning solution for your leather type – most general purpose leather cleaners should do, unless there is suede present, for which you need suede cleaner.
  • Using a soft lint or better still, a microfibre cloth, apply your leather cleaner. Use a gentle motion, and rub slightly over any stains.
  • If you have a stubborn stain, you may want to use a stronger leather stain remover on the area of the furniture where the stain exists. See this guide for removing Ink Stains from leather.
  • Once you have applied the leather cleaner and leather stain remover, its time to dry the surface – leaving it to air dry isnt an ideal solution. make sure you use a new clean cloth to do so.
  • When dry, its time to use a conditioner or leather preserver to increase your sofas life span.

How to clean leather furniture spillages

If you have spilled liquids onto your leather furniture then simply follow this advice:

First off, do not use a scrubbing cloth or sponge as this can damage the leather by putting scratches or marks on it.

If it is just a light spill then there is no need to put any soap or products onto the furniture as this can actually ruin it.

Get a damp cleaning cloth and simply wipe the leather clean and that should be sufficient enough.

Remember that leather is waterproof and a spillage will not soak into it if you act quickly enough and wipe off any liquid then there will be no problem with stains. Never use soap or washing liquid to clean your leather as this will actually ruin it and cause it to fade.

How to clean leather furniture that is soiled

If you have a serious stain on your leather and need to get rid of it then it is important that you use a cleaning agent to do this.

Choosing one that is specifically made for leather is extremely important as you do not want to damage your furniture.

How to clean leather furniture that has stains:

Firstly choose a plan that is designed for leather and you need to make sure that it is PH-balanced to suit your furniture. Usually a pH of around 4.5 is ideal for cleaning most types of leather.

When choosing your cleaner make sure it has a degreasing agent in it as well not just a cleaner. This will help remove stains a lot faster and will leave your leather feeling new and fresh afterwards.

It is advisable when using a cleaner that you get the correct tools to do this and using a cloth with micro fibres in it or an exfoliating glove the best way to achieve good results.

Lastly make sure you do not scrub the leather but massage the cleaning solution into it for around 30 seconds to a minute.

Always make sure you do small areas at a time and do not cover the whole piece of furniture with the cleaning agent as this will ruin it.

The Best Way To Clean A Leather Couch

Before you start to clean your precious furniture it is important that you learn how to clean a leather couch by understanding how it is made and what products work well on it. The difference is totally dependent on what type of leather sofa you own and also what kind of spillage or damage has been done.

Taking into account these factors will help you understand how to clean a leather couch and save you huge refurbishment and cleaning bills. You do not have to pay extortionate amounts of money by getting in professionals to do it as with initial research you can find out the best way of cleaning leather yourself.

How to clean a leather couch – choosing the right product

Here are some tips on choosing the right product to clean your leather couch:

  1. Choose a brand from a reputable company that has got good reviews on the internet and a happy client base. This means that their product works and does not damage the leather.
  2. Make sure you check what pH level is ideal for your leather if you do not know this is a simple Internet search will bring up what is ideal for you.
  3. Always buy the correct equipment to clean off any stains or soiled areas. This means buying exfoliating gloves or cloth’s with specific micro fibres in them. It is important that these are suited to cleaning leather and not any other type of material.

These are just some beginner tips on how to clean leather furniture but always remember it is important that you get the right cleaning product as choosing the wrong one can ruin your expensive furniture.

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