Varnishing and Painting Windows and Doors – Tools You Need

Varnishing and Painting your windows and doors can really be a great ways to “Spruce Up” your Home.  These areas are the first part of your home to have the paint chip and flake and to have a dirt and grime become embedded over time.  With a little work and effort you can make your whole house look nicer with just a little bit of work in this area. All it takes are some tools needed to varnish and paint your homes windows and doors.

Effort level Required for Varnishing and Painting your homes windows and doors?

The effort is really fairly minimal.

  • First you need to clean the area as best as possible.
  • Sand it down to a flat and clean surface.
  • Then you need to apply coats of varnish or primer then paint.

It is really a very simple process that can have a distinct impact on the beauty of a home.

What Tools are Required?

The tools needed to varnish and paint your homes windows and doors are not too complicated.  This work can easily be done by a non-professional with great results.

Safety tools:

You first thought should always be for safety.  At a minimum you need Safety glasses and mask. If you are going to use any electrical tools, like a Sander, make sure that the plug is safe and that you use a safe extension cord for it.  If you need to get to a high area, do not paint from on top of a table or chair but get a stepladder tall enough to do the job safely.

Sanding tools:

Sandpaper is an obvious need.  You may want to get a couple of different “grits” of sandpaper to do the job.  The “grit” is how rough the sandpaper is.  The coarser the grit the more paint it takes off but the less smoother your finished product.  Typically you desire to start coarse them work your way to finer grits.  If you have an electric sander that is an option to speed up the process, but you may still need to get edges by hand. Some woodworkers also like to add steel wool into the mix.

Painting tools:

You need four things to paint your homes windows and doors.  Paint, primer,  brushes and a drop cloth.  Paint is obvious.  Brushes, like sandpaper, you want to get at least two type of.  You should have a medium brush for primer and fist coat and a finer brush for later coats.

Varnishing tools:

You need three things to varnish your homes windows and doors.  There is need for varnish, brushes and drop cloth.  Varnish is all about bringing out the original beauty of the wood, so you want to be careful to put on “just enough” to make this happen. make sure you know the difference between lacquer and varnish!

Featured image credit: Bart Everson

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