Types of Patio Covers

Buying a quality patio cover or patio enclosure can add a touch of style to your home, while making your outdoor space more user- friendly.  There are many different types of patio covers that are designed to protect your patio from rain, dust, sun, and bad weather.  There are both removable covers and permanent ones.

  • Permanent structures usually include arbors, gazebos, and pergolas.
  • Removable covers include fabric canopies, patio umbrellas, and retractable awnings.

Read further to find out more about some of the most popular covered patio options.

A pergola is a patio cover made of wood, which has an open roof structure.  Decorative pergolas don’t provide any real protection from the sun, but they can emphasize the beauty of your patio and tie the design elements together.

Gazebo and pergola structures are very similar.

The only difference is that a gazebo has more of a roof-like element to it.

Natural wood patio covers can be an excellent choice if you want to add elegance and natural beauty to a particular area.  These patio covers have the ability to blend into their environment.  On the other hand, you shouldn’t opt for wood patio coverings if you don’t have enough time and patience to take care of them, as they need to be treated for weather resistance and termite resistance on a regular basis.

Canopies can be used in all patio layouts, as they are available in a variety of styles.  They are a great alternative to more permanent structures like metal or wood patio covers.  Homeowners have a wide selection of styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from when buying a retractable awning or pop up canopy.

Patio umbrellas are the least expensive solution.  They provide limited shade and no protection from bad weather.  If you are just looking for something basic to protect the patio furniture, using umbrellas might work.  Typically the umbrella is part of a patio table set and is retractable, but they only shield a small space.

In addition to these choices, there are many different covered patio designs available, so finding the option that suits your needs should be an easy task.  Regardless of your choice, a patio cover will help you make the most out of the time you spend outdoors.

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