Best Outdoor Storage Benches

Just as with the interior of your home, finding enough storage space for outdoor items is often a challenge for many homeowners.  Storage benches can be the perfect solution for keeping items such as outdoor toys, pool supplies and accessories, patio cushions, hoses, landscape supplies, and other small items hidden from use but easily accessible when needed.  An added benefit to using storage benches outside is that they also provide extra seating, which is often a much needed commodity outdoors.

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When it comes to selecting an outdoor storage bench, there are many types to choose from.  Storage benches can be purchased for outdoor use in wood, resin, recycled plastic and other durable materials that will hold up to the weather and precipitation.  Wood and recycled plastic are the most commonly found materials for a storage bench used outside.

Benches with storage space located beneath the seating area are typically used on patios and decks, in garden or lawn areas, and near pools.  Here are just a few uses for outdoor storage benches:

Patio storage benches

patio storage bench

A patio storage bench can be placed anywhere on the patio area and provides seating as well as storage for often used items, such as cushions, patio accessories and more.  Waterproof patio cushions can be added to patio storage benches to offer extra seating comfort.  These benches are often constructed from wood or plastic, but can also be made from other materials, such as metal, aluminum or iron.

Deck storage benches

Like a patio storage bench, storage benches for deck use are used for extra seating and hidden storage space as well.  Deck storage benches can be purchased specifically as storage bench furniture or can be incorporated directly into the deck design during construction.   Either way, mostly wood storage benches are used in deck areas to blend in with the deck area.

Garden storage benches

A storage bench used in the garden can provide beauty and functionality all rolled up into one.  Many garden benches that offer storage constructed from wood to fit in with a more naturally looking garden décor, although there are plastic models that provide needed functionality as well.  A garden storage bench is the perfect location to store potting supplies, trowels and spades, small pots and other garden and landscape supplies and is especially useful if you do not own a garden shed.

Pool storage benches

Adding a storage bench near the pool area provides a great deal of functionality.  A storage bench seat is the perfect place to take a break after some active pool play or to sit while supervising young children in the pool.    A waterproof seat cushion can be added for extra comfort.  Inside, a pool storage bench can hold small pool toys, extra sunscreen, pool supplies and many items that are useful to have on hand right near the pool area.

Indoor vs Outdoor Benches

An outside storage bench is not much different than an indoor storage bench in form and functionality.  The only main difference is in the material used to construct the bench.

Outdoor storage benches are primarily constructed from wood such as cedar and teak, or a plastic material such as recycled plastic or resin.

Indoor storage benches, on the other hand, are also often constructed from wood, although the type of wood used is more typically pine, oak, maple or mahogany.  Most indoor storage benches are not constructed from plastic materials.

Whether indoors or out, a wood storage bench is probably the most popular style, since it best combines style and functionality and is equally at home inside the home or in a backyard or garden.

Buying Outdoor Storage Benches

You can find many styles of cedar storage benches, teak storage benches, pine storage benches and oak storage benches that add beauty and functionality to your outdoor space.  These wooden storage benches can have cushions added to them for added comfort and design, can be painted or stained to blend in with almost any type of décor, and can be constructed in a wide variety of sizes.   It is not even that difficult to build your own wooden storage bench, if you are looking for a fun DIY project that can provide some extra storage and seating.

Storage benches offer a great combination of dual functionality, combining storage and seating in one useful package.

Storage benches are a great solution if you are looking for some extra storage space outdoors, as well as some extra seating.  They blend in nicely with other exterior features and are easily portable if seating or storage is needed in a different location in the yard.

Storage bench prices can vary widely depending on the size of the bench, the material, the decorative elements, finishes, and other similar details.  No matter what type of storage bench you choose though, the investment is fairly minimal in comparison to having to build a storage shed.

Storage benches also provide a great deal of convenience compared to having to storage all of your outdoor items in the garage or basement and having to run to get them whenever needed.

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