Types of Bathroom Wall Cabinets

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Having wall cabinets installed in your own bathroom will help quite a bit in keeping it tidy and neat. You won’t have to worry about where to put your towels and other bathroom necessities as long as you have cabinets to keep these things in.

There are basically two types of bathroom wall cabinets:

  • hanging cabinets
  • floor cabinets.

Hanging Bathroom Cabinets

Hanging cabinets are ideal for those who have small bathrooms. These cabinets are hung on the wall so that your floor space is not minimized. This way the floor will be easy to clean and the bathroom will look bigger. You will also have more room for the sink if you use hanging cabinets.

Bathroom Floor Cabinets

The other type of cabinet is the bathroom floor cabinet. These are ideal for bigger bathrooms, as it can take quite a bit of space depending on its structure. The benefit of these cabinets is that they can hold more of your stuff then wall-mounted cabinets. Since they are sturdier you can fill it with towels and other items without worrying about its weight. There is no risk of it falling and doing damage to your floors or bathroom fixtures.

Materials Used in Bathroom Cabinets

The materials that these cabinets are made from also differ. The most common are the wood and hard plastic, but there are some that use stainless steel. Both hanging and floor cabinets are available in these materials. If you are going to install a hanging cabinet it is advisable to use wood materials as it is sturdier. You just have to make sure that the wood is treated so that it will not absorb moisture. Moisture can make the wood decay.

Plastic Bathroom Cabinets

It is recommended that you purchase plastic hanging cabinets or regular floor cabinets if you are only renting the place. When installing a hanging cabinet made of hard plastic, there will be no damage done to the walls. The downside is that it will not be as sturdy as a permanent cabinet, which is why you have to be careful not to put too many things inside it. The good thing about these plastic cabinets is that they are water resistant. It will not require any extra maintenance once it is installed and if it gets wet it won’t be a problem.

Bathroom wall cabinets are one of many home decorating ideas that can really make a difference in your home. Not only do these cabinets add an element of sophistication, they help eliminate clutter by adding extra storage space to your bath.

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