More commonly known as Rotten stone, is often used in both, wood working and metal work, especially jewelry. The primary use of Tripoli is to act as a polishing tool, due to its abrasive nature. The rock is usually a porous, but powdered, that is composed of limestone, diatomaceous and or crystal silica. Interested in types of wood finishes?

It is a fairly mild rock in terms of abrasive quality, which makes it preferable to other polishing rocks such as pumice. Overall due to its qualities (rounded particles instead of pointed), tends to offer a much more glossier polish than alternatives and is valued for such use.

Common usage included combining with oil or water and to polish varnished wooden furniture as a finishing polish. Best used with a soft polishing cloth such as a terry towel. Works really well on removing stains such as water marks too instead of using rougher sandpaper.

A very common form available on most online stores is a block compound. Click here to see the best ones on sale.

Tripoli Powder ( polishing powder ): Tripoli Powder is an extra fine abrasive powder for polishing wood and furniture finishes.

Rottenstone :Rottenstone is a form of limestone used for polishing, aging modern furniture, picture frames, etc. Rottenstone is finer polishing powder than Pumice and will produce a higher gloss. Click here for Rottenstone Polishing powder.

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