Teak Chaise Lounge and Teak wood Loungers

Featured Image: Teak Bahama Pool Lounger made by Chic Teak

A teak chaise lounge incorporates both the comfort of your standard chaise lounge with the durability and beauty of teak wood. The chaise lounge, or originally and more correctly, chaise lounge – meaning “long chair” in French according to Wikipedia, is exactly that – a chair that is long enough that you can put your feet up. This is considered very comfortable for lounging, so you can understand how the word has morphed into “chaise lounge” rather than the original term.

Teak chaise lounge chairs are typically used in water-side situations. The most common version of which is the teak deckchair. This type of chair allows you to sit in a comfortable reclined position while reading, or just catching some sun next to a pool or at the beach. They are ideal patio furniture.

Teak, as a material, is well suited for these situations because it is naturally very resilient to weather and is water proof. See benefits of teak furniture here.

Teak Wood Chaise Lounge

The use of teak wood for deckchairs and other outdoor furniture is not surprising. It is a wood that is coveted not only for it’s natural beauty but for it’s low-maintenance resistance to water and weather. Unlike most other woods, teak does not require oiling, or sealing in order for it to be waterproof.

It has oils already in it that fights off water and weather naturally. In addition, these same oils act as a natural bug repellent so your teak chaise lounge would be impervious to pest attacks.  While this wood doesn’t need to be oiled, you can choose to use oil on it in order to change the shade of the color, and to make the natural lines in the wood really show.  This is an optional step though because this wood is perfectly beautiful and weather resistant without these oils.

Teak Bahama, a name well known when it comes to fine hardwood furniture, has their own model of this chair, of course. This teak chaise lounge features wheels in the back, and handles in the front for easy re-positioning, as well as a pull-out table so you have a convenient place to set a book, drink, sunglasses, or anything else which is weighted appropriately for the strength of the table.

teak  loungerSee it here.

If you’re into lounging around with others, you can always opt for at teak double chaise lounge. These are twice as wide as your standard chaise lounge and can fit two or more people. Whichever teak chaise lounge you choose, purchasing a product that combines the comfort or a deckchair with the toughness and beauty of teak is always a great choice.

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