Preservation Solutions Restoration Leather Conditioner

Restoration Leather Conditioner is designed to soften fragile and difficult to penetrate leathers. This leather conditioner is recommend in situations were you should not use a water base leather conditioner, as the moisture can promote further deterioration. For best results use this leather conditioner after cleaning or washing the leather. Because of the excellent penetration, restoration and conditioning qualities, Restoration Leather Conditioner is also very popular for treating fine automobile leather and leather book covers.

About Preservation Solutions Leather Products:

Preservation Solutions offers a unique set of high quality Leather Care Products. Their Leather Care Products have been used by museums and professional restoration specialists all over the world. Preservation Solutions Leather Care Products will preserve the original qualities of all fine leather or help to restore those qualities.

How To Use Restoration Leather Conditioner:

Using a brush and/or by spraying it, apply a generous amount of conditioner onto the leather. Depending on the leather condition, gently massage with your hands the conditioner into the leather. This will compliment the effects of the conditioner and allow for a more thorough and detailed application. Now allow the conditioner to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Important: Not For Use On Suede

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