Pate Dugay Wax ( restoration paste wax ) Review

Pate Dugay Wax is a mild furniture restoration paste wax for waxing furniture and antiques. It will enhance the patina of antiques without harming the wood finish. Pate Dugay Wax is a French furniture wax that is considered by many European craftsman to be the ideal paste wax for waxing antiques.

Because of the unique furniture restoration qualities; formula viscosity and wood tones offered, Pate Dugay furniture wax has become a standard paste wax for many antique restoration shops around the world. Pate Dugay produces a semi-gloss wax finish.

How To Apply Pate Dugay Wax:

Waxing furniture with Pate Dugay is easy:

  1. Simply apply with a soft cloth, No. 5 Extra Fine Steel Wool or natural fiber brush.
  2. Using a brush is particularly helpful when applying Pate Dugay to furniture moldings, carvings or any wood details.
  3. If necessary, remove old wax and polishes with furniture Wax & Polish Remover prior to waxing.
  4. Revive tired and dull wood finishes with Burnishing Polish.
  5. Apply Pate Dugay evenly and allow wax to dry for at least 1 hour.
  6. Once that the wax has dried, buff the wood surface using a soft cotton cloth and/or a wax polishing brush.
  7. If the wood surface is flat, a soft cotton cloth will suffice. However, if the surface has more of an open grain or texture, it may be helpful to use a terry cloth rag, as this will help polish indentations, cracks and crevices.
  8. We recommend applying two coats of wax. Additional coats of Pate Dugay should be applied as needed.
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