Multi-functional Pieces of Furniture you Shouldn’t Live Without.

Space saving is a must for people who live small accommodations. This is where multi-purpose furniture can come in handy. The concept is certainly not a new one, in fact there have been multi-functional furnishings around for many years. Some people have re-purposed old items and made them into new items, for example, an old milk crate can be used as a shelf.

Small spaces require creative thinking when choosing and using furniture. The key is picking out furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose. A futon is a great example of multi-functional furniture because it can be used as a bed and a sofa. Another great piece of furniture is a kitchen table on wheels. The table can be used as extra counter space as well as to eat on.

These are just a few examples of furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose. Multi-functional furniture can save you money, time and space and many people can use more of all three. Shop around or get creative and make your own multi-purpose furniture.

If you are living in a place where every inch of available space has to be used wisely, then you might want to consider multi-functional furniture. Another great plus to this type of furniture is that these items will save you money. Instead of buying several pieces of furniture, you only need to buy a some key pieces.

Kitchen Space Saving table

Small kitchens tend to have very limited counter space. This problem can be solved with a space saving table. This table comes with a towel rack and two stools. It also has two drawers and you can drop one leaf to make the table smaller. The stools store nicely under the tabletop and the whole thing is on wheels.

The wheels are nice because the table can easily be moved out of the way or close to the stove to serve as an extra counter. Hint: this can be handy for baking cookies! Not only is this space saving table multi-purpose, it is also a nice looking piece.

Best Selling Space Savers


Futons have been around for many years and are as fresh as ever. The one thing a futon has over a traditional hide-a-bed is that the futon is lightweight. Unlike a hide-a-bed, a futon does not have any cushions to remove or a mattress to pull out. This makes it easier for guests to use.

The nice thing about a futon is you can fold it into a sofa or leave it flat and decorate with throw pillows and create a larger seating area for visitors. Futons are great for lofts and studio apartments or any guest room. Perhaps the nicest thing about a futon is you do not have to have it delivered, you can bring the box home from the store.


A desk can have so many different uses in many different rooms. A desk is much more than a simple work space; it can also be a dining table, partial book/knick knack shelf and even a media center for your music. A good desk can quickly become the hub of your home.

It is important to note that you must be careful what type of desk you choose. You want to get one that is sturdy enough for multiple tasks and is easy to clean. You may also want to invest in a lightweight desk for ease of moving it around.

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