Modern Tree Coat Racks

There are many style alternatives that bear minimal resemblance to the vintage wooden coat tree found in country or cottage designed homes.

There are some modern coat tree designs that look like a piece of art. They are absolutely stunning when unadorned with hats or coats. One example of an artistically functional coat tree rack is a design that is made of lacquered Birch wood and actually resembles a real tree. Natural looking, modern sculptured coat trees can be found in light or dark tones.

You might want to place a couple of them in a foyer, not only for their usefulness but also as a decorative element.

If you have a small home or apartment, a sleek, modern style coat tree with mirrored panels would be a good choice. The reflective quality of the mirror can add a sense of spaciousness to the area. A scroll design wrought iron coat tree could be used in a modern style home. Some of these designs also include an umbrella stand at their base.

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Modern style decor focuses on an uncluttered, simplistic appearance in each room. A chrome or white metal coat tree would blend well with this type of decor. Dark colors such as Espresso also work well in a modern home. Some modern style coat racks have a single pole attached to a circular base with racks for four or more coats on it. These trees take up very little space in a room.

A foyer is certainly not the only place a coat rack tree can be used in a modern style home. They are a great addition to a bedroom. If your bedroom space is small, a coat tree with storage baskets at the bottom can provide you with additional storage without consuming a large amount of valuable floor space. In a dressing area, you can use them to hang clothing ensembles for the week. This is a great time saving tip for workday mornings. A modern coat tree rack doesn’t have to be used for coats. It can provide a place to hang handbags, hats, scarves, and various other items that you may not have closet or drawer space for.

You can help a child keep order in their room by adding a coat rack tree stand in their bedroom. A fun design for a child might be the use of a tree shaped wall sticker applied to the wall. Once you place the sticker on the wall, you can add numerous hooks for coats to the branches.

If your home doesn’t have a foyer, you might want to place a wood coat tree in your living area. As artistically beautiful as a modern wood coat tree is, this would be a good way to add functional art to the room.

Benefits Of Coat Trees

Using a coat tree will help organize the coats, sweaters, hats and scarves keeping your entry ways neat and clutter free. There are many offices who even have coat racks sitting as their clients or customers enter the office so they can hang their coats, umbrellas and hats up as they come in, and they don’t have to worry about tugging them around with them and keeping track of these items while trying to conduct important meetings or transactions.

There are many styles, colors and designs to choose from in the coat rack world.

A coat tree stand comes in a variety of materials, styles and colors. There is one that can be found to meet your decorating needs. They are available in wood, metal, or wrought iron. There are some plain or decorative with fancy scrolling that will only enhance the beauty of the hallway of your home.

Most are simple and used as storage for coats while others have the capacity to handle not only coats and sweaters but hats, umbrellas, gloves and scarves. These racks have more versatility than most people realize.

Even if you don’t have children it is still a good idea to have a coat tree stand by your front door especially if you have a lot of friends and family who come to visit. You will want a convenient place for them to be able to hang up their coats, sweaters, gloves, and hats so they will be able to easily find them when they are ready to leave. This beats laying everyone’s coats and accessories on the bed in the guest room and then have to sort through everyone’s things and make sure everyone has everything they came with when they are ready to leave.

No matter the style of your home’s decor you will be able to find a coat rack stand that will offer you the versatility you need to keep everyone’s coats, scarves, and gloves tidy until they are ready to use them again. You will also be amazed to find that these coat trees can be used for so much more than just hanging your outdoor wear on. They can also come in styles that will provide extra storage for the rain boots or drawers for gloves, scarves, and any other small item you need to store.

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