How To Hang Frameless Oval Wall Mirrors

Hanging frameless oval wall mirrors is a bit different than if the mirror you purchased has a frame around it. It is still fairly simple to hang the mirror, almost simpler than hanging a framed mirror because you don’t necessarily have to find the studs inside of the wall. However, to make sure that the installation is secure, you are going to want to consider taking the time to locate the studs in the wall to attach the mirror clips to.

By following the basic steps that we have outlined below, you can install the mirror and begin enjoying its benefits fairly quickly.

Step #1) Mark The Location

Before you start installing the mirror, you are going to want to determine exactly where it is going to be installed in your home. To avoid any problems later down the line, you will want to make sure that you do not install the mirror too close to any doors in your home. The opening and shutting of the doors can loosen the fasteners on the mirror, allowing it to fall. If you want to get good lines, might be worth using a laser measure/ pointer.

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Step #2) Get A Helper

Once you have determined where you are going to install the mirror, you are going to want to get a helper to complete the job. With your helper, you want to find the studs inside of the wall the make sure that the anchors are going to be securely installed.

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Step #3) Install Lower Mirror Clips

After you have marked the studs, you are going to want to start by installing the lower mirror clips. Use a level to make sure that they are both installed evenly from the floor. If you fail to level the mirror clips, the mirror will sit offsides, creating a disturbance in the appearance of your homes decor.

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Step #4) Hang The Mirror

With the lower mirror clips in place, you will be able to hang the mirror. Have your partner help you set the mirror down into the clips that you installed in the previous step. Take your time while hanging the mirror, to prevent knocking the clips loose.

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Step #5) Install Upper Mirror Clips

After the lower clips are installed, you will want to line the upper clips along the same studs. Place the clips over the mirror, and using a delicate touch, anchor the clips into the wall.

Main image Credit: Sandra Mendoza-Avila on flickr.

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