How To Hang Framed Oval Wall Mirrors

Hanging large mirrors can be a difficult affair if you have never done it before. When you are ready to hang the mirror that you have purchased, you are going to want to make sure that you complete the work in the proper steps to make sure that you are not going to come home and find out that the mirror has disconnected from the wall and landed on the floor. Also see: Best Oval Mirrors

Hitting the floor could permanently damage the mirror, causing you to spend even more money than you want to.

There are two main types of oval mirrors, framed and non framed. This guide deals with framed mirror installation. To hang a frame-less oval mirror read this.

Step #1) Determine The Location

Before you start anything in your house, you are going to want to determine exactly where you will be installing the mirror. You want to be careful about installing the mirror too close to any doors in your home. The constant shutting of the door can jar the mirror loose, causing it to fall to the floor and breaking it.

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Step #2) Find & Mark The Studs

Once you have determined where you are going to mount the mirror, you want to grab a stud finder, or use the classic tapping method to figure out where the studs are located at behind the drywall. Because of the weight of the mirrors, you are going to want to make sure you hit the studs with your anchors, to prevent them being ripped from the drywall.

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Step #3) Hang Your Anchors

Now you can hang the anchors into the wall. Make sure that the anchors you choose are heavy enough to handle the weight of the mirror, with a few lbs extra to prevent them from sagging over time.

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Step #4) Attach The Mirror

After you have installed your mounting anchors, you can then begin to attach the mirror to them. On most framed mirrors you will find a wire on the back of the frame that can be used to hang onto the anchor points. This wire does a lot better job at supporting the weight of the mirror than hanging it by its frame to the anchor points.

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Step #5) Center The Mirror

Once you have hung the mirror onto the anchors by the wire attached to the back of the frame you will want to make sure that the weight of the mirror is centered across the wire.

Main Image Credit: Ross Berteig on Flickr.

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