How to deal with carpet spots and stains

People who have carpeted homes have to deal with spots and stains from time to time. This is especially true for those who have a lot of traffic in their homes. Stains come in all types blood, food, pet accidents, wine, mud, many other stains.Below we have highlighted a few ways of removing these stains from your carpets.

Getting rid of carpet spots and stains require different cleaning methods based on the type of stain.

Home Remedies For Stain Removal

Removing Food Stains

If the dining room has carpet underneath the table, more than likely food will occasionally fall on the floor, leaving ground in spots and stains on the carpet. Most of those stains can be easily removed with soap and water. However, colored foods, like ketchup and mustard, need something stronger to remove the stains.

Food Stain Removal: To remove these stains and spots, place a small amount of brake cleaner on a rag and dab the carpet. Use soap and water to remove the brake cleaner.

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Chocolate And Coffee Stains

Coffee and chocolate spills can leave ugly stains on a carpet, even after the first attempt at removal. Many people think that a professional carpet cleaning service is needed to fix this area. Yet, there is a home remedy for removing coffee and chocolate from carpet.

To remove Chocolate or Coffee Stains, blot the area with stain remover and then rinse with soap and water. Continue this process until the stains have been completely removed. If people want to use a less chemical, greener approach, mix one-third of white vinegar and two-thirds water and blot area as mentioned above.

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Mud Stain Removal

Mud is one of the common stains in a carpeted home. This is especially true if there are children, pets, or someone who works in construction in the home. These stains can harden and leave ugly clumps of dirt in the rug. Many people get on their hands and knees and pick the individual specks of dirt or try vacuuming the area, only to be left with big chunks still stuck to the carpet fibers.

Removing Mud Stains: Instead of picking the dirt with their hand, use a small knife or chisel to loosen dirt. A little water helps loosen the dirt. Once the chunks of dirt are removed, use a hydrogen peroxide cleaner to remove the spot.

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Juice and Wine Stains

Juice and wine also leave ugly spot on carpet, often a yellowish hue on light-colored carpets. For getting rid of carpet spots and stains of this nature, an old-fashioned remedy is an ideal remover.

Removing Juice and Wine Stains: Club soda removes these stains from carpet. It works by diluting the stains, much the same way it works in a drink. The stains are then loosened from carpet fibers. Club soda helps stain removers work more effectively.

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Blood Stains on Carpet

There are many ways of removing blood, although not all are as successful as professional cleaners. however we do have a more detailed guide on removing blood stains from carpets.

Removing Blood Stains: Please read this mini guide on removing blood stains from carpets.

Getting rid of carpet spots and stains could be the difference between carpet having a long life or having to pay someone to clean the carpet. Simple cleaning methods can be used to get rid of most common stains. Sometimes, things found right in the home can be used as effective stain removers.

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