Harrell’s Original Wax Polish ( Traditional English Wax )

Harrell’s Original Wax Polish is a traditional English paste wax recipe using pure beeswax. Harrell’s Wax Polish is still handmade and hand poured in their London factory. This particular wax blend, Harrell’s (Original) Wax Polish, is their best quality hard paste wax and produces a beautiful long lasting gloss wax finish.

Harrell’s Wax is very durable, easy to apply, buff and has excellent finger mark resistance, making it the ideal choice for table tops. These qualities have made Harrell’s Original Wax Polish one of the most desirable “maintenance” paste waxes for the care of antiques and fine furniture around the world. Although this wax polish is used with pleasure on all wood surfaces, it has become recognized as the premier paste wax polishes for table tops.

To produce a semi-gloss wax finish, buff Harrell’s Original Wax Polish [lightly] with a soft cloth or furniture brush. You may also consider using Harrell’s Jecowax, a softer wax blend, producing a semi-gloss wax finish. Harrell’s Wax Polishes have been made to the highest standard for over 75 years.


About Harrell’s Wax Polish:

Harrell’s Wax Polish is regarded by many furniture restorers as probably the best furniture paste wax polish for the care and protection of antique and fine furniture. Harrell’s Wax Polish naturally retains the patina and enhances the beauty of the wood surface.

Harrell’s Wax is an original recipe, a secret blend of pure beeswax and other natural waxes that gives their wax polish a unique feel and luster unrivaled by other paste wax brands. Harrell’s Paste Wax Polishes have been manufactured by W.S. Jenkins & Co Ltd in their London factory since 1931.

Harrell’s is a family run business, putting the success and reputation it enjoys today down to its sourcing of the finest raw materials, traditional methods and inherited expertise.

Harrell’s Paste Waxes are used by many conservators of period buildings, including ‘The National Trust’ who use it for the conservation of their historic houses and castles and on their collection of antique furniture, possibly the largest collection in the world.

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