Guide to Steel Wool Grades for Furniture Finishing

Steel Wool is available in Seven Grades – Each applicable for a Different Purpose

Steel wool, also called wire wool, is a rough material that resembles a big grayish cotton ball. It is not as delicate as cotton since it is made out of steel filaments.

Steel wool is utilized for lots of reasons such as washing glass, washing dishes, eradicating rust, smoothing out scratches on metal surface, and it is once in a while utilized as a method for getting rid of rodents. In a few circumstances, steel wool has been used to begin fires since it burns effortlessly even when it is wet.

The importance of steel wool where furniture refinishing is concerned is that it is useful as a rough material for removing wood surface finish, dirt, paint, and smoothing out scratches. The steel wool is additionally utilized as a polishing material on some kinds of wood finishes.

Steel Wool Grades

Steel wool is available in different grade levels. It’s crucial that the right grade and abrasive quality of steel wool is used for a particular task since utilizing the wrong steel wool grade can destroy or give the wrong result. Making use of the right grade level will guarantee expert results rather than a messy-looking finish.

Steel Wool Grade Number 3:

This grade is the coarsest of them all. It is believed to be “abrasive”. It can be employed as the initial step as a part of the finish stripping procedure.

Steel Wool Grade Number 2:

This grade is the second coarsest product. It is believed to be “mild abrasive.” It is utilized to take out starches in metals, for example, brass surfaces. It can likewise be utilized to remove spots from tiles, or as an abrasive product used between layers of finish on wood floors.

Steel Wool Grade Number 1:

The wool product in this category is utilized to remove rust on different surfaces and to eradicate spots on wood floors. It is believed to be “mild.” It can likewise be utilized together with certain chemicals, for example, varnish remover on the surface of wood furniture.

Steel Wool Grade Number 0:

This grade product is classed to be “medium fine.” It is utilized in cleaning all sorts of tiles and in making brass metals shine. It is additionally utilized as a finish remover and can be used together with finish removal chemicals.

Steel Wool Grade Number 00:

The wool in this category is seen as “fine.” It is frequently utilized together with linseed oil to create a polished finish.

Steel Wool Grade Number 000:

This grade level is thought to be “extra fine.” It can be utilized as a rough material to remove spots and stains on wood surfaces. It is additionally well employed in cleaning different sorts of metals and as an abrasive material that can be utilized between coating layers of finish

Steel Wool Grade Number 0000:

This grade level is classed as “super fine.” It is the best grade of steel wool that is obtainable in nearby hardware shops. It is frequently used to finish the last phase of removing certain sorts of finishes from surfaces. It can likewise be utilized a wood stains remover.

Steel Wool and Oak Wood

Oak is popular wood type used to make furniture, so in case you are making use of oak on a project, make a point to utilize steel wool fashioned from either stainless or bronze steel. The general and most basic kind of steel wool employed to get rid of wood finish has traces of low levels of iron which can react to the chemical constituents present in oak, and can lead to dull stains appearing on the wood surface.

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