Walk In Greenhouses 101: Cheap and Portable Greenhouses

Welcome to the Internet’s most comprehensive page on walk-in greenhouses. We have free guides on everything from building your own greenhouse, to buying a cheap portable greenhouse, to getting a plastic greenhouse, to getting a lean-to greenhouse. If you want to know about a specific kind of greenhouse, you’ve come to the right place.

We also include information and guides to greenhouse accessories and greenhouse supplies. We have full pages dedicated to things like greenhouse watering systems, greenhouse plastic coverings, winter heaters, electric heaters, and even more info that this.

Don’t have a greenhouse yet at all? Then you can check out our greenhouse plans so you can build your own greenhouse or hire someone else to build it for you. You have tons of greenhouses to choose from, like portable greenhouses, wood greenhouses, greenhouses that are attached to the house, prefab greenhouses, and even more.

Here you will find a fantastic range of walk in greenhouses, with a size and style for every buyer. Listed above are just a handful of the techniques and styles you’ll find on this website, and all for free.

Greenhouses Protect Your Plants

There is nothing worse then putting loving attention into your plants only to have them ruined by a flash storm or burnt by the sun. By having a greenhouse you are giving your plants that little bit of extra protection to make sure continue to grow into the plants you desire.

This allows you to also have more lush flowers, veggies, and any other plants you might be trying to foster and protect. A greenhouse is a cheap and easy way to make sure your gardening project is taken care of with comfort and shelter.

Greenhouses Give You A Place To Work

A handyman has a shed, a car enthusiast has their garage, but if a person that is passionate about plants doesn’t have a large backyard, then where are they supposed to be creative? In their cheap greenhouse of course.

Greenhouse Watering Systems

If you own a walk in greenhouse then unless you are planning on using a watering can every single day you are going to need to consider greenhouse watering systems.

Now there are a lot of different options when it comes to watering systems for your greenhouse, and the truth is that the option that is right for you will depend on the type of greenhouse that you own.

So lets take a closer look at the different greenhouse watering systems and see if you can work out which one is right for you.

Which Greenhouse Watering System Should I Buy?

The watering system that you choose will be based on the size of your greenhouse, but lets just take a closer look.

Premium Greenhouse Watering System Drip Irrigation Kit

– Easy to install drip irrigation kit Instructions included
– Can water up to 105 plants
– Guaranteed compatibility with Drip Depot components
– Reusable 1/2 Perma-Loc fittings
– Can be fully automated with a timer
This watering system is perfect for those with a larger greenhouse and a lot of plants as it has the ability to water up to 105 plants.

Premium Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit

Standard Greenhouse Watering System Drip Irrigation Kit

– Easy to install drip irrigation kit
– Can water up to 35 containers
– Drip irrigation kit instructions included
– Reusable 1/2 Perma-Loc fittings
– Can be fully automated with a timer
This greenhouse watering system is perfect for prefab greenhouses and smaller greenhouse options.

Standard Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit

Standard Greenhouse Watering System For Container Gardening

– Can irrigate up to 10 containers
– Pressure regulator is preset to 25 PSI
– Filter can be removed and cleaned
– Premium grade 1/4 vinyl micro-tubing
– Easy setup and maintenance
If you own a 4 tier mini greenhouse then a watering solution made specifically for containers is perfect for you.

Standard Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit

Greenhouse Plastic Covering

If you trying to build your own greenhouse then no doubt you will be looking for a place that sells the greenhouse plastic covering. Plastic covering for a greenhouse is a fairly cheap way of getting the greenhouse warming effect for your plants and gardens without having to invest in glass, green mesh, or plexiglass.

Looking at most greenhouse plans you will notice that the outer layer is usually made of one of three different materials, as listed below:

  • Glass. Expensive, can shatter, and is heavier than the two alternatives below.
  • Green Mesh. This is, well, green. Often cheap, it has a drawback it can be ugly.
  • Plastic. This is bingo. Fairly cheap, fairly light, and much less dangerous than glass.

The most popular seems to be the greenhouse with plastic covering, which I think is due to the price, it being safer than glass and prettier than green mesh.

Where To Find Greenhouse Plastic Covering

Now the plastic covering can be quite hard to track down. There’s only one or two that are found on the entire website of Amazon so its not exactly easy to get a hold of. If you know of a place where you can buy it quickly and easily, make sure to contact me to let me know so I can list it on this page to help other people learning more about greenhouse plastic covering.

I think that is why the majority of people who set out to make a cheap greenhouse usually end up just buying one (that and how cheap they are!)

However, if you would still prefer to build your own and the greenhouse plastic covering above is not what you are looking for, I would recommend checking out the other greenhouse plans that we offer so you can learn more about building your own cheap greenhouse.

Different Types Of Greenhouse Attached To The House

The Walk In Greenhouse Attached To House

These are designed to look like half of a typical walk in greenhouse, but the main problem with the regular walk in greenhouse is that they take up too much space, and for those limited to the amount of room that they can allocate to their greenhouse a walk in greenhouse that is attached to your house is a great alternative.

The 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Attached To House

These take up even less room then the walk in greenhouses because these 4 tier mini greenhouses are exactly what their name states. A 4 tiered shelf that barely takes up any room at all.

Cold Frame Greenhouse

The cold frame greenhouses are fantastic little planter boxes that are made out of durable polycarbonate and perfect for getting a start on the coming growing season.

Prefab Greenhouse

What Is A Prefab Greenhouse?

A prefab greenhouse house is short terminology for a prefabricated greenhouse, which simply means a greenhouse that has components manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. A prefab greenhouse is also known as a factory-made or modular greenhouse. By manufacturing a prefab greenhouse off-site, waste is reduced and less time and energy are expended during construction.

Buy purchasing a prefab greenhouse, you are saving yourself the time and effort required to design and build a walk in greenhouse from scratch.

Why Build a Wood Greenhouse

When looking to build your own greenhouse one of the most popular plan styles is wood greenhouse plans.

The reason for this is that if you want one that looks like a cheap greenhouse from Walmart then you will just go to Walmart and buy one from there. A wood greenhouse is something that has culture and is unique not something that can be bought, but instead needs to be built.

  • You Want Something Unique
  • Not everyone wants a prefab greenhouse that looks generic.
  • You Want Something You Created

Not only that, but a lot of people prefer to own things that they have created themselves. Not only is it a keepsake as such, but it is something that they can look at each and every day and know that it is a direct result of their hard work.

Cheap Greenhouses

I get annoyed when people always try to tell me that everything is expensive. There are cheap greenhouse options available if you know where to look.

Today I want to take you through the a couple of options that you have if you are looking for a greenhouse on a budget (without having to buy a second hand out!)

Where To Find A Cheap Greenhouse

1. eBay

eBay is literally my first port of call when I am looking to buy anything online. They sell almost anything, and it is usually able to be found cheaper than most places. There are a lot of cheap greenhouses for sale on ebay, and there is a great list of the current ones at the bottom of this page. (In fact, you can even find a cheap walk in greenhouse for under $100!)

2. Amazon

Amazon is another great resource for cheap greenhouses. The best thing about online stores is they dont have the expensive shop fronts that get added to the price of the products they sell. And Amazon is well known for great prices and I happen to know they have some fantastic budget greenhouse options for those who dont have a heap to spend.

3. Google

If eBay and Amazon dont have what you are looking for then Google most likely will! Do a search for Cheap Greenhouse in Google and see what other options you can find.

How To Make A Cheap Greenhouse

In this article I would like to give you a few tips that will show you how to make a cheap greenhouse.

While you can easily buy a cheap greenhouse on Amazon, it is much more rewarding if you can build your own greenhouse. The only problem is that if that this can become quite a costly exercise.

Tips On How To Make A Cheap Greenhouse

Work Off A Plan

By working off a proven plan, you are able to know exactly how much material you will need (saving wastage and cost), and it will also save a lot of time! So make sure you purchase quality greenhouse plans.

Use Second Hand Materials

With a lot of salvage yards popping up, this can be one of the best ways to save money making a cheap greenhouse. They will have more than enough second hand timber and metal available, at a heavily discounted price which will definitely lower the cost of your greenhouse.

Use Cloth Instead Of Glass

While a lot of people would love glass walls on their greenhouse, this is probably the major cost when you make a greenhouse. So consider using the regular green mesh cloth instead because this can turn an expensive greenhouse to a cheap one.

If you are looking to learn how to make a cheap greenhouse then these three tips will get you off to a great start. However, if this all sounds like a bit much, you can find a cheap greenhouse on eBay for sale under $150!

What Are Greenhouse Windows?

Also know as garden windows and bay windows, greenhouse windows are that a built to extend outside of the wall (including sides and a top of glass) that allow for maximum sunlight for your plants.

The reason greenhouse windows for kitchens are so popular is because it allows people to grow herbs and small vegetables right inside their kitchen which means that they no longer have to walk outside to their walk in greenhouse or vegetable garden.

Where To Find A Greenhouse Window For My Kitchen?

You have a couple of options when it come to finding one of these windows for your kitchen.

  1. Build One Yourself

    If you are a bit of a handy man then this should be an easy build. You could make this out of glass and window panes and would just need to remove the old window and build a frame to extend the window outside.

  2. Buy One Instead

If you would prefer the easier option, you can purchase greenhouse windows your kitchen on the internet and through specialty window manufacturers.

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