Flitz Rifle, Gun & Knife Wax Review

The Flitz brand name is a popular one and this kit of gun and knife wax certainly showcases why that is. Offering a very versatile eco-friendly cleaning solution for a variety of firearms like shotguns and rifles would already be a welcome addition but this wax can also be safely used on knives and other blades. Also See Flitz Off white white rifle and gun waxx review

It offers a high level of polishing and protection and can protect your knives and firearms from the dangers of: powder residue, rust, tree sap, water and even salt and lime deposits.

So it’s certainly a valuable product to have to keep blades and guns looking and working their best.

Flitz Rifle, Gun & Knife Wax Review - Gun before and after

It can be safely used on stainless or nickel firearms and blades and can also be used on the interior and exterior of the bore, gun bluing and both plastic and hand-rubbed wood stocks. So if you’re looking for a versatile and powerful gun wax, then great news because you may just have found it.

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The Pros and Cons

The Flitz brand name might be a popular one but does that mean it’s the best choice available? With so many products on the market it can be hard to know for sure, but we’re here to help by taking an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this Flitz Rifle, Gun and Knife Wax.


Versatility: You can safely use this wax on a variety of materials including a range of woods, plastic and even some metals meaning its ideal for a multitude of uses and a great choice if you plan to be outdoors for longer periods.


Coating and Capacity: Some consumers noted that many coats with this wax where needed to achieve the best results, why that might not be the case with every application it does mean that with only 7.6 fluid ounces per bottle you could be running out quicker than you may first expect.

Flitz Rifle, Gun & Knife Wax Review
This is the best selling gun and knife wax kit on Amazon. Thats good enough for me! Find the best price
9.7 Total Score
Pretty good gun and knife wax kit

This is the best selling gun and knife wax kit on Amazon. Thats good enough for me! Find the best price

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