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DeWalt DW03050 Laser Distance Measurer Review

Recently I was scouting around for a laser measurement tool which would assist me much better than the earlier crappy tool. I used that old one for one month and then I felt that there was no way I can get an accurate reading, no matter what I do and no matter how many times I get it replaced. So, I put on my research hat and started on the job. And, oh boy, I found the best one which suits all my needs and thought of writing my experience working with it. This review is a reviewers personal experience with the product in hand.

The reviewer I worked with on this review works for a flooring company and majority of his job requirements make him take measurements and submit the same to his seniors. Earlier he used to have a calculator and a laser distance measurer to get the job done. The earlier used digital laser distance measurer was one ugly device which used to display the units in just square feet. And he had to punch in the numbers to arrive at the approximate cubic feet or linear feet. But, now it’s not the case.

There were a few requirements, based on my work, which I wrote down before I started my research to get a new one and here are the points which I thoroughly checked for:

  • Accuracy while measuring long distances
  • How is the display screen
  • Ease of use

After going through several models which appealed to my eyes and several which were light on my pockets, I zeroed in on DEWALT’s DW03050 laser distance measurer (Link opens in new tab). And after using it for a month or so, I am extremely satisfied and truly Dewalt has again lived up to the world class mark with this awesome product.

Now lets look at the review of features that I searched for and what I found out about this great laser distance measurement device.

Accurately measuring long distances

DeWalt  DW03050 Laser Distance Measurer Review 2

DEWALT’s DW03050 laser distance measurer can measure up to a distance of 165-feet with uncompetitive accuracy of 1/8th of an inch.  (They also sell a DEWALT DW03101 330-foot  measurer accurate up to 1/32 of an inch). This one feature puts this laser distance measuring tool ahead of the competition. This comes as a very handy tool for construction workers, estimators, electricians, woodworks, drywallers, contractors and anyone from any kind of a project in need of accurate measurements.

As a construction worker, I have put this tool on a variety of tasks. And every time, DW03050 laser distance measuring tool had given me rapid measuring and continuous measurement in every layout.

Ease of Use

  • It’s one button, one function layout is extremely user-friendly. Just one press of a button provides you options to provide square footage, volume, linear measurements and the addition or subtraction of readings. It’s that simple.
  • Unlike several laser measurement tools that I have worked with, DEWALT’s DW03050 laser distance measurer(Link opens in a new tab) is constructed with unobtrusive flat base providing an increased stability when using on a flat surface.
  • The display screen is green in color and is backlit providing a good visibility even when working in low light conditions.
  • This amazing tool comes with a pouch for transporting and a handy lanyard for extreme portability.
  • Dust and water resistant thereby making it worthy of working with even in external conditions of a construction site.
  • As it is built with sturdy and rugged impact resistance in mind, this tool had withstood drops of about 6 feet.


What’s in the box?

  • Laser Distance Measurer – DW03050
  • Tool pouch
  • Lanyard
  • Two AAA Batteries


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DeWalt DW03050 Laser Distance Measurer Review
A good, affordable tool every handyman and construction worker should have.
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DEWALT’s DW03050 laser distance measurer fits the bill

A good, affordable tool every handyman and construction worker should have.

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