Refinishing Furniture – Get A Professional Or Do It Yourself?

You’re most likely aware that finishing wood is quite expensive. However, the expense of restoring furniture varies extensively based upon certain variables. Keeping in mind the fact that it’s not cheap, the expense of having a piece of furniture finished is usually one-quarter to one-half of the expense of buying a new version of the same furniture. Also you’ll be saving a bit of history.

To receive a genuine estimate of the cost of refinishing your furniture piece, it is ideal you take your furniture piece (or very clear photographs) to a furniture refinisher and request an appraisal. Even better, get a cost evaluation from more than one expert. Below is how you can anticipate the expense of refinishing your furniture piece to be done.

Factors Influencing Costs

Six factors that decide the amount it will cost to restore your furniture:

  • Location. Much the same as everything else, the area factors into the amount you’re going to pay for refinishing the furniture. In the event that you reside in a major city, or in a village, you’re accustomed to paying more for some specific services so anticipate that the expense for refinishing your furniture piece might be expensive.
  • Work required. This is a certainty. The more work the furniture needs, the more you will pay. Try not to expect that since your furniture is somewhat little, maybe a kid’s chair that the expense to refinish it will differ from a larger piece of furniture. At times these small furniture pieces have exceptionally complicated designs that require extra consideration. Usually the expense of refinishing furniture pieces depends on a flat fee.
  • Unique material. In the event that your furniture needs a unique or expensive material such as a rare stain you can be sure that the cost will be billed to you by the furniture refinishing company.
  • Difficulty stripping surface. The kind, quality and state of the surface that is to be stripped off can seriously affect the cost of refinishing your furniture piece. The harder the task, the more work required, and the more you’ll pay.
  • Color coordinating. In case you’re requesting that the furniture refinisher coordinate a “careful” stain color, but you can’t give any details on the color name or maker, the expense of refinishing your piece will probably increase because of the examination time required.
  • Emergency jobs. Overall, about 3 to 8 weeks (or more) is needed to totally refinish a furniture piece. This incorporates stripping off the old finish, any essential repairs, and refinishing the wood. Remember this time frame in case you’re considering refinishing a unique furniture piece for an upcoming event. Emergency jobs may not be acknowledged, and in the event that they are, hope to be sure that your bill will be higher.

Some Common Refinishing Estimates

You presumably need to know the cost of refinishing a furniture piece. Obviously, it is the furniture refinisher you contract that can answer your inquiries, however here is a price-list of a couple of normal pieces:

  • Simple dining room side chair: $125-$175
  • Simple dining room arm chair: $150-$195
  • Simple coffee table: $150-$175
  • Five drawer dresser: $425-$475
  • Large buffet: $675-$950

You might consider if the expense of refinishing your furniture is worth it. No one but you knows the answer to that. I own a family antique that isn’t actually worth much, but due to its priceless quality, the expense of refinishing the piece was well justified, despite all the trouble. If you’ve purchased a furniture piece that you’re considering re-selling, then you’ll definitely have to genuinely consider the expense of refinishing it and how that will beneficial to you.

With the aim of sparing cash (or simply out of mere fulfillment) you can decide to refinish the furniture yourself. Let’s discuss the expense of refinishing the furniture yourself.

Considering the expense of refinishing furniture yourself.

The decision of using an expert furniture restoration service or refinishing the furniture yourself is an essential choice. There are some entirely sophisticated refinishing kits available today that incorporate almost all that you require: wax, wood cleaner, oil, color charts, stain, instructional video, wool pads, plastic gloves, and much more!

Kits are sold around $40-$60 based on what the pack holds. In any case, you don’t have to purchase a “kit” to refinish your furniture piece. Below are the specific supplies you’ll require:

  • Stripper (water or solvent based),
  • fine steel wool,
  • disposable foil pans,
  • 3-inch adaptable drywall blade with a dull edge,
  • stain,
  • elastic gloves,
  • eye goggles,
  • clean cotton fabrics,
  • quart of acetone,loads of newspaper or similar material to cover the floor of your work area.

Once more, these are simply the needed supplies.

Benefits of a furniture refinishing service.

I love DIY ventures, however unless you are well experienced in furniture refinishing, contemplate the benefits of a furniture refinishing service while restoring exceptionally costly, or extremely priceless furniture pieces. Below are some reasons why it’s better to use an expert furniture refinisher:

  • Experience. Proficient furniture refinishers usually have many years of experience on the job. Thus, they possess a strong comprehension of how to refinish the furniture piece and maintain its quality. You may end up finding out that the refinisher prescribes a thorough cleaning instead of a surface refinish.
  • Equipments and materials. Throughout the years, an expert refinisher gathers many specific types of equipment. Usually, they’ve even altered instruments to meet some certain furniture restoration tasks. Furthermore, they have a colossal variety of polishes and stains available to them. So, they possess the equipments and materials necessary to accomplish the task.
  • Work space and time. Restoring antique furniture can be a chaotic, stinking task. If you decide to do it without anyone’s help, you’ll have to make space around a ventilated region as your workspace, and make arrangement to keep the furniture there for a couple weekends. Refinishing furniture isn’t a quick job. Basically, it’s better and less demanding having the expert furniture refinishing service do the work.

Finding the Right Furniture Refinishing Company

In the event that you choose it’s more ideal to employ the aptitudes and asset of a furniture refinishing organization, it’s essential to do a little assessment before sending in your priceless piece of furniture. I recommend you do these prior to picking a furniture refinishing company:

  • Check the Better Business Bureau. Have there been any complaints to the BBB regarding the furniture refinishing service you aim to hire?
  • Inquire from antique dealers. Approach a couple of nearby antique merchants and inquire for the name of a quality furniture refinishing service. In case you already have a service at the top of the priority list, inquire as to whether they’ve worked with them, or know of any individual who has.
  • Shop around. If you can, take your furniture (or some clear photographs) to no less than two refinishing services to get an estimate of the expense of refinishing your furniture. Within a short time you will be able to determine the level of individual administration they will give. While acquiring different appraisals, contrast one type with its logical counterpart, and don’t forget that the cheapest offer is not generally the best service (in spite of the fact that it might be, and that is even better!) eventually, you’ll be investing in a lovely piece of woodwork.
  • Discuss expense and deadline. When you’ve chosen a furniture refinishing company, make certain to get the evaluated expense to refinish your piece of furniture, and discuss a pickup date at the same time. Usually, the refinisher will notice some extra jobs on the furniture as they start the refinishing procedure. This may the expense of refinishing your furniture piece, and stretch the time needed to refinish the piece. Make sure the furniture refinishing company is sure about what to do if they encounter any problems (would it be advisable for them to contact you to give the go-ahead?)

The expense of refinishing a furniture piece can vary from below $50 if you do it yourself, to thousands of dollars for bigger, complex pieces refinished by an expert. At last, no one but you can decide if the expense of refinishing the piece is justified, despite all the trouble. My most important suggestion: contact a respectable furniture refinisher before settling on any choices.

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