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Leather Care Products

Leather is part of our daily lives, from your handbags to your shoes to your belts and even your furniture. A good leather item is worth decent money and as a result you would want to always take care it. More importantly big price purchases such as leather sofas and furniture definitely deserve care.

The great thing about leather is that you can literally get years of life out of it of you just take care of it correctly – I have a leather chair at home from the 1840´s and it still looks in pristine condition because I use the best leather care products on it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a leather couch or sofa you want to clean, or a leather handbag, or your leather shoes, most these leather cleaners and conditioners make it easy to take care of your things.

Quick Warning: Homemade Oil Leather Cleaners -There are literally hundreds of DIY “natural” leather care and cleaning products being recommended on the web. One of the biggest ones is using oil such as olive oil to create your own leather furniture cleaner. We would advise you to avoid these home made recipes at all costs – leather quickly absorb all oils, and will give you the desired look, however natural oils are heavy and slowly sink and pool in specific areas.

Over time these oils would surface in random areas leaving you with ugly looking oil spots. Once you have such an oil spot, you would not be able to use cleaners or conditioners available in shops . you would need a professional to restore that leather, which would probably cost a fair amount!

Why Do You Need To Maintain Leather?

Leather tends to deteriorate under poor conditions and with passage of time if you don´t use leather care products. Leather often needs to be moisturised (conditioned) to keep it fresh looking and supple, it can dry in heat for example.

Once leather dries, it starts to crack and disintegrate – which means you lose the value of your leather item, whether its furniture or apparel. As such a tiny investment in time and money by using the best possible leather care products regularly, you can make your items last as long as you need.

Leather Furniture Cleaning and Preserving

Leather furniture looks great in the right home and setting, however, like any furniture upholstery, leather can also get dirty and stained. There are many household items that could damage your leather sofas, but the good news is that there are several ways to clean them. In addition, there are many excellent leather furniture cleaning products worth buying for the home.

Most leather furniture gets exposed to a range stains, and in order to clean them, it’s best to use the leather cleaners and leather conditioners that are specifically designed for the purpose.

However there are many substandard leather cleaners around, ideally to pick the best one, you should rely on genuine customer reviews, many of which we have gone through to pick the top recommended products.

Types of Leather Care Products

There are three main categories of leather care products:

  • Leather Cleaners
  • Leather Conditioners
  • Leather Preservers

Best Leather Furniture Cleaners

Leather furniture cleaners are specially formulated products for deep cleaning of your leather upholstery. And although they are created for leather furniture, you can use them safely enough to clean most leather products.

A good leather cleaner would be pH balanced and would be alkaline and acid free so as to avoid damaging your furniture. the best leather cleaners would in addition break up any dirt particles, as well as harmful grease and oils and lift them up for easy wiping.

Typically leather cleaners open up the pores of leather products so as to lift up grime and dirt, bringing them to the surface, making it as easy as giving the foam a quick wipe after letting it do its work.

Pro tip: If you want your leather furniture to last longer and stay cleaner, then always follow up cleaning with leather conditioning.

The leather care products reviewed below are some of the most well designed to take care of real leather furniture and other leather products.

Leather Nova

This leather cleaner is designed to absorb into leather upholstery and open up the posers in order to lift a range of dirt, from grime to oil. Lifting the dirt helps prepare for the next stage of cleaning, using a leather conditioner.

Interestingly a lot of car enthusiasts use this cleaner for their leather car seats and absolutely swear by it. Several reviewers say that it helps remove even denim stains from leather sofas. It is also recommended by professional furniture store managers, so we assume it’s a pretty good bet.

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Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

Made by the number one leather furniture conditioner makers, Leather Honey, is a brilliant non toxic leather cleaner that can be used on most leather products, not just leather furniture. (Shouldn’t be used on suede!)

Reviewers loved this product, especially if used just before applying leather Honey Leather conditioner. It is a concentrate, which means a small bottle goes a long way once diluted, giving you more for your money.

Master Stain Buster Leather Cleaner

The master leather cleaner is combined with a sponge applicator specially formulated for stain removal. It is a liquid cleaner which means using an applicator is a must.

Best Leather Furniture Conditioners

Instead of rushing to grab a leather conditioner, its best to understand how leather conditioners work. There are many types on the market, and each have their pros and cons, so stick with us as we will highlight the best leather conditioning products available below.

Simply described, a leather conditioner, does exactly that, it “conditions” leather furniture. Conditioning is usually a way to moisturise and revitalise your leather so that it doesn’t dry and crack. Although they work like leather preservers, leather conditioners go a step further by trying to bring back your leather furniture to life.

You have to keep in mind that leather finishing processes such as tanning have a side effect of stripping out naturally occurring oils in leather which are important to keeping them hydrated so as to prevent heat and age related cracking. Conditioners fulfil this purpose by seeping into the pores and replacing the role of these lost natural oils.

You should always use leather conditioners after using leather cleaners – as explained above, leather cleaners open up leathers pores, which is great for cleaning, but then this leaves them capable of trapping fresh dirt. Buy using leather conditioners, you are filling these pores with nourishing essentials that will reduce dirt build up as well as maintain your leather.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

We love products that have a long history, and this is one of the most recommended leather furniture conditioners on the market. Honey leather conditioner is made by the same family in America.

As a bonus this is a completely non toxic conditioner and helps to repel water on leather after application.

Lincoln EZ Cleaner ( leather/ suede cleaner )

Lincoln EZ Cleaner ( leather/ suede cleaner )

Lincoln EZ Cleaner is a non-solvent cleaner that will safely clean surface dirt on suede, leather, fabric and like materials, including nubuck. This is a very mild suede cleaner "suede shampoo" that is strong enough to get out most grease marks. About Lincoln EZ Cleaner: Lincoln has been making quality leather care ...

Preservation Solutions Restoration Leather Conditioner

Preservation Solutions Restoration Leather Conditioner

Restoration Leather Conditioner is designed to soften fragile and difficult to penetrate leathers. This leather conditioner is recommend in situations were you should not use a water base leather conditioner, as the moisture can promote further deterioration. For best results use this leather conditioner after ...

Preservation Solutions Leather Saver

Preservation Solutions Leather Saver

Leather Restoration Conditioner is a high quality non-toxic leather restoration conditioner used to restore dry, stiff leather to its original condition. This is a fast penetrating leather restoration conditioner that will not oxidize or darken leather and is an excellent choice for conditioning and treating both new ...

Preservation Solutions Leather Detergent

Preservation Solutions Leather Detergent

( concentrated leather cleaner ) This is a concentrated leather cleaner used to clean and wash leather articles that are oil soaked or extremely dirty. PS Leather Detergent has excellent deep cleaning qualities for removing oil, dirt and other contaminates that may harm your leather. This concentrated detergent ...

Preservation Solutions Leather Furniture Cleaner

Preservation Solutions Leather Furniture Cleaner

Leather Furniture Cleaner is an effective and gentle furniture cleaner. Leather Cleaner can be used safely on antique and modern leathers. This product is also an excellent automobile leather cleaner. Preservation Solutions Leather Cleaner is safe, easy to use and will not discolor your leather furniture or any ...

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