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Kids Room Decor

Accessories, projects, and ideas for creating fun kids’ room decor

Kids’ room decor is the part of home decorating where parents and children get to have fun. By this point you should already have acquired the furniture and other necessities your kids need. Kids’ room decor is a fun combination of all the themed accessories, novelty items, and creative projects you can think of to get the exact bedroom look your children want. If you’re not sure where to begin, these kids’ room decor ideas will inspire your imagination.

Kids’ decor accessories

Even after the bed, dresser, computer desk, and storage chests have been purchased, all children’s rooms need a few additional accessories. These items are where you should begin to focus on the specific children’s decor you want for the bedroom.

For example, instead of putting up open shelves for storing toys and other items, look for themed shelves that could complement the kids’ room decor. These can even be created on your own. Wooden shelves shaped like baseball bats would be perfect for a boy’s room décor.

Additional themed accessories that can enhance kids’ room décor include clocks, mirrors, bookends, rugs, light switch covers, blankets, and linens.

Kids’ room decor projects

As children know, there’s no limit to imagination. Keep that in mind as you plan your kids’ room decor. Painting projects or arts and crafts project can add tremendous life and color to an already established children’s decor.

Sometimes older furnishings can provide an opportunity for kids’ decor projects. Ottomans are great in children’s rooms because of their size, particularly storage ottomans. If you have an old ottoman or can locate an inexpensive one at a garage sale or thrift store, redecorating it can be a fun kids’ room decor project. Purchase a material that would be perfect for kids – something very fuzzy and colorful – and attach the material to the ottoman. You can even use art supplies to create facial features for the kids’ ottoman.

Another kids’ room decor project we like is finding simple accessories such as flowerpots and vases and hand painting them as a family. Lamps also can be made to fit into a kids’ room decor by taking old lampshades and adding paint or stickers to them.

Kids’ room decor ideas

There are also children’s decor accessories you can purchase that will give your kids a chance to shape their surroundings. For example, wipe clean marker boards are always popular with kids. But instead of simply purchasing a board, consider paneling a portion of your child’s wall with wipe clean material.

Kids’ room decor can also reflect the pride you take in your children. A display case or children’s curio cabinet can be a place for you to display awards, trophies, or important memento’s that reflect accomplishments or significant experiences in your child’s life.

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