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Sofas have been around virtually since civilization as we know it (more or less) sprung up in the Mediterranean regions. And the sofa actually had a royal beginning: it served as an Arabian ruler’s throne. Later, the sofa would be used for seating during dining, though it was still regarded as a furnishing for the most elite. After the industrial revolution, sofas were mass produced and, naturally, available to everyone.

Now, while the sofa might be the throne for your resident remote king or queen, it’s more importantly a focus and point of comfort in your home. With several cushions in both the seating area and along the back, sofas easily sit two to three people. Some sofas feature armrests while others do not; some are fabric and some are leather. And with modern conventions such as sectional or fold-out sofas, you’re sure to find the perfect throne.

Benefits of Sofa Beds

Benefits of Sofa Beds

Featured: DHP Lodge Futon, Charcoal The ideal guest bed or hide-a-bed solution If you're short on space, or you need a place for an occasional guest to sleep, the multi-functional sofa bed is the ideal solution.  A sleeper sofa looks like a standard couch, but converts easily to a bed in seconds. A perfect fit ...

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