Buying Furniture: What Style Fits You?

When choosing how to furnish a room, it’s a great idea to pick a theme, or a style. The best way to do this is to pick something you like, and then figure out what goes with it. For example, if you’re in love with wicker, then try to stick with that same traditional, tropical feel.

If you have no idea what you like, the most common present day furniture styles are broken into two major, generic categories: traditional, and contemporary (or modern). As well as a few outliers, these can be broken further into sub-genres.

Traditional furniture

Traditional furniture is basically either European, American, or West Indian. The difference lies in the definition of “traditional” for each region.

European traditional generally incorporates curved lines, a style that’s called “curvilinear,” and is usually quite formal in its appearance.

Building from the same colonial roots, American traditional is slightly more modernized, and makes use of elaborately painted furnishings.

The West Indian traditional varies largely, and incorporates the aforementioned wicker. It’s a tropical, island style, and is practical for such a location.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary Furniture

The drastically different, other side of the style world is contemporary. As the name suggests,this style is generically a very modern look, and involves sharp lines and few curves.

Urban contemporary is very simple, and while lines may flare, they remain fairly straight. This style often includes leather or microfiber.

Scandinavian contemporary, another popular style, is usually wood, and once again includes very few curves and mostly straight lines.

The most simple of these categories is called Minimalist contemporary, and is the most basic of shapes and styles.

Other Common Furniture Styles

Aside from these two major groups, there a few other styles that have a significant presence in the world of furniture and home decor. One is the Cottage style, which is (as it may sound) anything that looks like it belongs in a little cottage in the woods. Wood furnishings are usually found in this category.

Cherry Blossom TreeAsian furniture is generally style that takes from Japanese and Chinese culture, and includes dark wood and Asian floral patterns.

For any piece of furniture that doesn’t seem to fit in any specific category of style, there is a style called “transitional.” This includes anything that’s too contemporary to be traditional and too traditional to be contemporary. This is generally where the ArtVan upholstery will fall, and rarely will you find a piece of furniture that is ornate with the transitional label.

No matter what your style, the most important part of picking out a piece of furniture is how it fits into the rest of the room, and how it fits your tastes. You’re the one who has to look at it every day.

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