Buying A Coffee Table

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The type of tables you place in your living room can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space.  From traditional wooden tables to abstract modern designs, from basic rectangular coffee tables to contemporary ottomans and storage chests- the variety of living room tables available is large enough to suit any taste.

Aside from style, there are other important factors to consider when choosing coffee tables.  How large is your living space?  The coffee table should be in proportion with the sofa, and have plenty of walking space around it for optimum comfort in the room.  If you have small children, will the material of the table stand up to daily abuse?  Do you need storage cabinets or shelves below the table for books and remotes?

While some of us might not use our coffee tables for coffee alone, or at all, the coffee table has always been used as gathering settings. The long, low, rectangular tables we know now as coffee tables were born around the 17th century in Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. Architecture of the region in that period was largely community-based; Turkish mosques, schools, and hospitals were all openly designed to accommodate those who communed within.

Coffee tables make sense, then, from this origin. While they were once used outdoors in tea gardens, they now serve as excellent congregation points inside our modern homes. Use your coffee table in front of a sofa to support everyday morning coffee or weekend dinner drinks with your friends and family, as well as that collection of photographs, candy dishes, and intriguing coffee table books.

Buying the Right Coffee Table

Like their inhabitants, no two living rooms are alike. By complimenting your other great furniture, coffee tables fine-tune your space to match your distinct personality.  Whether used as centerpieces or finishing touches, coffee tables help balance and unite your interior design themes.

Styles for every space

While browsing the wide spectrum of coffee tables available for your living room, keep in mind that a great coffee table will fit into your space both physically and stylistically. Some coffee tables are kaleidoscopes of design that introduce colorful themes into compact spaces.  If you’ve got a large room, longer coffee tables create gorgeous centerpieces in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

The devil is in the details

Of course, some interior designers are very particular about the pieces that come into their creations. If you’ve established a strictly Victorian flavor in your home, accent the motif with coffee tables in dark, rich hues. If your tastes reside mostly on this side of the Atlantic explore straight lines of Shaker or Mission styles. Functional coffee tables will offer some great styles suitable for your decor.

Turning away from the European aesthetic of coffee tables is another avenue to consider.  Designs that are distinctly Asian bring a unique twist to any style of interior décor and often feature convenient storage in gorgeously decorative models.

Think outside the box

When shopping for coffee tables, keep in mind that you’re not bound by any particular design conventions. While we tend to think of coffee tables as being made of wood, many unique models use materials such as granite, marble, or glass in their constructions.

As for shape, coffee tables are no longer restricted to either rectangular or circular designs. Triangular coffee tables are becoming more popular, as people discover how valuable their space-saving utility can be in their homes.

Coffee tables come in so many attractive shapes, sizes and colors that choosing just one is difficult. Pay attention to your room’s design theme and use your own good taste to pick out the perfect coffee table for your home.

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Contemporary Coffee Tables

Discover the perfect modern coffee table

If your lifestyle has always had a distinctly modern slant, your furniture should be no exception. Contemporary coffee tables are home furnishings that are especially suited to your unique style

Matching your individual style

One distinct advantage to furnishing your modern space with contemporary coffee tables is the sheer number of tables available. And modern doesn’t have to mean new. In fact, you can adapt coffee tables from any era to fit your home’s modern themes. However, if you’re on the prowl for original modern coffee tables, you’ll have no trouble finding several innovative models that enhance your home decor.

Sometimes modern coffee tables aren’t really tables at all. For example, ottomans are a style of contemporary coffee tables that are comfortable to sit on. Many ottomans also open to reveal convenient storage solutions to help organize our hectic lives.

Still, the most attractive contemporary coffee tables are often the simplest designs. If a symmetrical, hardwood design fits your style, you’ll have no shortage of contemporary coffee tables to choose from.

Seamless integration

In the end, what matters most when choosing contemporary coffee tables is finding a style that completes your design aspirations. While ornate tri-level tables might look beautiful, contemporary coffee tables with just one sleek surface could better suit your personality. Comfort and satisfaction are two of the most important qualities contemporary coffee tables should bring into your life.

When shopping for contemporary coffee tables, a designer has many alternatives. So many wonderful options in contemporary coffee tables may seem overwhelming at first, but remember that too many choices are better than none at all. The key is persistence. The perfect table is out there for you, waiting to be discovered.

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Glass Coffee Table

A modern dimension for your home

Whether your interior design motif is traditional decor or of a more modern style, adding a gorgeous glass coffee table to your living room will bring a new dimension to your home.

Choosing your style

Tempered glass is a sturdy medium for home furnishing construction, ensuring that a glass coffee table will be a safe, lasting fixture in your home.  Designers have invented a marvelous variety of styles, though most glass coffee tables fall into two distinct categories: tables made entirely of glass and those that combine glass with another material, usually metal or wood.

An all-glass coffee table has a distinctly modern feel. Though it seems a slight misnomer, an all-glass coffee table often incorporates some metal to provide support, usually hardware in the legs. The focus, however, remains on the glass, and all-glass tables are becoming increasingly popular.

The second style of glass coffee table shares its design with other materials, most notably wood or wrought iron.  Though contemporary models are common, a glass coffee table top with wood legs is more in line with traditional Victorian or Mission designs. Glass coffee tables with wrought iron bases have a more contemporary edge.

A reflection of your unique tastes

Maybe your design aesthetic calls for a glass coffee table with a solid oak base. Or perhaps an all glass coffee table accented with colorful swirls is the statement you’re looking for. Whatever look you desire, the perfect glass coffee table is out there for you.

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Square Coffee Table

A traditional or trendy living room centerpiece

Solid, functional, and great looking, a square coffee table is an essential anchor for your living room. The square coffee table you choose should be the one that fits your personal style best.

Choosing your style

When selecting a square coffee table for your space, it’s wide to consider which materials you prefer and what function the furniture will serve. Square coffee tables are general purpose furnishings that can fit a wide variety of living room styles. Wood is the traditional medium, although some square coffee tables combine leather, glass, and metal to make great tables for any living room.

Sometimes a square coffee table is made with multiple levels with plenty of room for magazines and remote controls in the shelving below. Other square coffee tables offer convenient storage solutions inside; keep your drinks and snacks on top, while stowing extra sofa pillows below. Elaborate woodwork defines some square coffee tables, making them a signature piece for your den or living room.

A versatile storage solution

A square coffee table needn’t be a table at all.  For a truly unique piece of furniture, consider an ottoman. Ottomans provide a comfortable rest for your feet as well as a convenient hideaway for living room essentials. Some ottomans are leather, others are upholstered with fabric, but all are gorgeous, comfortable, and serve wonderfully as a square coffee table.

Shopping for a square coffee table is a fun and excited experience, and finding the perfect one for your living room is a rewarding feeling. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a trendy square coffee table, choose the one that best fits your personality and design sensibilities.

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Teak Coffee Table

Long-lasting beauty

A teak coffee table makes a gorgeous addition to any home, one that is sure to last for years with an uncommon resilience.  Teak is an amazing wood with many valuable properties.

Basic teak facts

Teak is a deciduous timber tree native to India and the Malay Archipelago, though some cultivation also takes place in the tropical areas around the Philippines.  Teak is a hardy wood, withstanding wear better than other popular woods used to make furniture. The teak coffee table you buy today will be a part of your family for years to come. See benefits of teak furniture.

Many uses and a long history

Throughout its history, teak has enjoyed many uses. Because it is so durable, teak wood was the building material of choice in shipmaking throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.  Modern times have seen teak used in a variety of popular way, from park benches to teak coffee tables. Playground equipment and the outdoor decks of your home could be made of this incredible wood.

Teak in your living room

The benefits of teak coffee table are obvious. Because a teak coffee table is more resistant to scratches and less susceptible to mildew or rot it is guaranteed a long life. From a decorating standpoint, a teak coffee table fits into a variety of interior themes.  Whether your emphasis is traditional or contemporary, dark hues or light, a teak coffee table is sure to give you many years of use and enjoyment.

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