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How To Remove Blood Stains and Best Blood Stain Removers

Assuming you aren’t an axe wielding maniac (!) then this is the right place for you to learn about what works great on blood stains, including how to make your own diy blood stain removal solution.We will also look at how to remove blood stains using commercial blood stain removal products that you can buy cheaply and easily from shopping sites like Amazon.

As someone who has suffered with regular nose bleed in the past I can say from experience that I have had to clean blood stains from almost every imaginable surface and material.

When I was younger I went through a phase where I was having nose bleeds almost every other day, delightful I know, and so cleaning blood stains from my clothes, carpets and upholstery became a daily chore. It was only through trial and quite a bit of error that I started to find solutions to the problem and this was the motivating factor behind the creation of this post. I’m please to say that these nose bleeds are now a thing of the past, but I imagine, for those of you who are suffering something similar, you could use a little help.

Best Blood Stain Removal Products

One of the most difficult things to get out of any fabric is blood, and that is why there are so many products on the market to specifically remove blood from fabrics.

There are a number of different cleaning techniques that can be used for removing blood stains especially if they are fresh, that is to say while the blood is still wet on your garments or carpets etc. I have included some of these methods in this article. Typically, however, problems really arise once the blood has dried, at this point a special cleaning solution is your best bet.  It wasn’t always necessary to use the blood remover sprays in every case but I found them invaluable in many cases. In particular clothes of all descriptions, carpets fibers and upholstery where all surfaces where professional blood stain removers came to my aid.

When it comes to dried blood stain removal these products have been a real help and a no brainer given their low prices. I would  recommend the Carbona Stain Devil for Blood as my top choice. Here are some of the more popular blood removing products that you can purchase to help you get that blood out of the fabric. Many of these products are sold on reliable online shopping sites like Amazon.

Blood Buster Blood and Stain Remover

blood buster

This product removes organic stains like blood and also removes odors.  The enzymes and the surfactants quickly convert any stains that are water insoluble into stains that are water soluble.  It’s effective on vomit, fecal, coffee, grass, urine, and saliva stains as well as blood stains.  It comes in a 4oz bottle.

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Carbona Stain Devils Number 4

Carbona blood and Milk Stain Remover

This great stain remover is great for removing blood and other stains from fabrics which are water safe and washable.  It can’t be used on acetate, upholstery, carpet or silk, but it can remove ice cream, egg whites, baby formula, dairy products, milk, and yogurt as well as blood.

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Campanelli’s Professional Formula Stain Remover

Campanellis Stain Remover

This is a highly concentrated formula spray which is non-flammable and will remove blood stains from any material effectively.  It also removes stains caused by food and perspiration and is safe to use on any fabric or color.

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WOW! Blood Remover Spray

wow blood remover sprayThis is a product that any facility like a hospital or a doctor’s office that has problems with blood stains on things like clothes, bedding, carpets, or upholstery should have. It comes with instructions on how to use it to remove blood from any fabric and is perfect for anyone who has to deal with blood stain removal on a regular basis.

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Grandmas Secret Spot Remover

Grandmas Secret

This great stain remover will penetrate, dissolve, and float away a lot of stains that your family will get on its clothes and other fabrics. It is usually for spots, so not really suitable for large stains.  It removes many stains from fabrics, like shoe polish, blood, tar, ink, cosmetics, crayon, grease, and many food stains. ideal for travelling!

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I agree with the other blood stain remover reviews on Amazon. Some stains take more than one application and in certain instances the blood stains are not 100% removed, but they are cleaned to a satisfactory level and I can certainly say that once I bought this product I never had to throw away any stained item. The smaller spot removers are a handy size to carry around with you or if you only have to deal with a stain very occasionally.

If you have trouble getting blood from your fabrics, it’s a good idea to buy one of these products listed above. They can all be found at Amazon and they come in a variety of sizes and prices.  Most of these under $30 and are the most inexpensive blood stain removers of the whole bunch.

Why Remove Blood Stains Quickly?

The science behind removing blood stains is a little confusing if, like me, biology and chemistry was never your strong suit, but from what I can gather this is what you need to understand.

Your blood contains a protein called Hemoglobin and it is this protein that helps carry oxygen around your body and gives it a red color.

Furthermore, these protein cells contain iron and it is this iron in your blood that, when reacting with oxygen outside the body turns the blood a darker red.

As soon as blood leaves the body and ends up on your favorite shirt its starts to congeal and as the particles break down so the iron binds itself to the fibers of your shirt and causes the dark stain. As fascinating as this process may be, the upshot is that the sooner you tackle the stain before the blood dries, the better. Even more importantly you should never use warm or hot water to tackle the stain as that will only speed up the process of breaking down the blood particles and accelerate the creation of the stain. As you will read in other parts of this site there are a number of chemical solutions that can help tackle the staining but if you can blot the stain immediately with cold water you may not have to do anything further.

Whether you are quick enough to deal with the blood immediately, or are dealing with it at a later point, you still need to bear in mind that dabbing at the stain, rather than rubbing at it, is the way forward. Rubbing will, again, just accelerate the breaking down of the particles while ingraining them and spreading them further into any materials. Once old blood stains have gotten ingrained and dried out very few blood stain removers will be able to help you.

Whichever of the blood stain removing processes you are using try, if possible, to experiment on a part of the stain that is less conspicuous, that way if the technique you are using is not successful you will not have messed up the whole garment or piece of carpet. I appreciate that this will not always be an option.

Blood Stain Removal Tips Without Special Products

One of the hardest stains to remove around the house is blood. If you can’t remove a blood stain using a specialized product or if you don’t get to it immediately with cold water then there are some other quirky methods you might try. These other blood stain removal techniques may or may not work but follow similar principles to others described and, as mentioned, when considering a blood stain remover, speed is of the essence.

Here are some tips that you can use in order to remove blood from fabrics around the house. Some of the methods may surprise you but they do work.

DIY Blood Removal Tips

  • Spray some Windex on the blood stain before you was the fabric.  Gently scrub the cleaner into the cloth with a brush and then wash with normal detergent. If the stain is bad, repeat process before you dry the piece of clothing.
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide onto the item to remove the blood automatically.  This is used in the medical field and at veterinarians.  Then launder the piece of clothing as you usually would. This works best on stains that are fresh.
  • Place the bloodstained garment in water and then drop in a tablet for cleaning dentures and leave it in there for 15 to 60 minutes. Then wash the garment.
  • Use salt water on fabrics that can be washed to remove blood stains.
  • Lava soap is sometimes effective for removing blood.   Rub the soap on the a couple of times under some running water, t hen use a stain remover.  Wait for about 210 minutes and put the clothing in the washer. You should find that the stain is gone.  This method is recommended for jeans and khakis since the color won’t be removed.
  • Use cold water on the blood stain and then used meat tenderizer that isn’t flavored to rub into the stain. Let t he garment sit through the night and then rinse it with some ammonia water and wash the garment like you normally do.
  • Spit on the blood stain and then wash it in cold water. This may seem strange, but saliva has an enzyme that will help you to break up your blood.  The stain should be treated as soon as possible to get the maximum results.

Even though some of the tips above may seem strange to you, they have all been used to remove blood from fabrics.  It’s quite surprising what people have used in the past as a blood stain remover, and the methods have been discovered sometimes simply because someone had no other options. But they work nonetheless and they help to get out one of the most stubborn stains from our favorite clothes. Just remember – for best results treat the stain immediately, because then you have the best chance of removing the stain.

How to Get Blood Stains Out of Your Carpet

When you have a blood stain on your carpet, you want to make sure that you get it up as quickly as possible. But since carpet can’t be tossed in the washing machine usually, how do you clean it? Here are some tips for getting blood stains out of your carpet.

  • Saturate the spot with some cold water and let the water sit for several minutes, and then use an absorbent, clean rag to blot the stain. Don’t wipe because this is going to spread the stain. Press the rag on the blood stain, then lift it and find another clean spot. You can also use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the water and blood when it’s been saturated for a few minutes.
  • Another good way to clean blood from a carpet is to blot the blood with a sponge or a clean rag and mix a tablespoon of ammonia with cold tap water. Use this solution to spray onto the stain until the area is saturated. Let it sit for a few minutes and then blot the stain with a clean rag.
  • Pour or spray some laundry cleaner that is used for prewashing on the stain and use your finger to rub it in. Let the stain sit for several minutes, and then take a sponge to scrub the stain off lightly. Then saturate the stain with cold water and use a rag to blot everything up.
  • You can also go out and look out for carpet cleaners that will clean up blood stains, if the carpet is valuable or you are not having any success with one of the methods above. Usually people who have tried cleaning up blood from a carpet with one of these methods are successful and they are able to remove the blood from their carpet.

If you have children, chances are that you are going to get blood on your carpet at some point.

The point is that you don’t have to rip up the carpet and replace it and you don’t have to have that stain staring at you for the rest of your days. Removing blood stains from carpets can be done and they are something that can be removed with things around the house.

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