Buying Bike Storage Sheds

A major benefit to bike storage sheds is that they can provide a safe and dry place to store your bikes even if you don’t have a garage at all!


There are a number of different options available for those interesting in buying a bike storage shed.  Bicycle storage sheds are offered by a variety of different manufacturers and also come in an assortment of materials, sizes and shapes.

You can get small bike storage sheds that fit just one or two bicycles or you can opt to buy a large bike storage shed that can fit the whole family’s bikes. You can select horizontal bike storage sheds or vertical bike storage sheds.  You can get bicycle storage sheds that you can walk right into or you can even get a pop-up bike storage shed!  The possibilities for outdoor bike storage sheds are as vast as the needs of the people that buy them.

Choosing the Right Bike Storage

Bike Storage Shed Materials

One of your first decisions is what type of material you want your bicycle storage shed to be made from.  One of the most popular options is plastic, or polyethylene.

Rubbermaid bike storage sheds are made from high density polyethylene that won’t crack, chip or dent.

  • If you prefer, you can also buy a metal bike storage shed, wood bike storage shed or vinyl bike storage shed.
  • Duramax bike storage sheds are a good option if you are interested in a vinyl model.
  • Wooden bike sheds blend in nicely to your backyard décor and are less of an eyesore than some other shed material options.
  • Metal bike storage sheds are rugged and durable.

You can also find bike storage sheds that are made from PVC tubing with a weather-resistant material that drapes over the PVC frame and these are usually cheaper than other bike storage shed options.  Shelter Systems bike storage sheds fit the bill if this is your preference.  Finally, you can buy a pop up bike storage shed, which is made from a soft weatherproof material that easily pops open to provide instant storage capacity.

Bike Storage Shed Sizes

Different manufacturers offer a variety of sizes of bike storage sheds and which one you purchase will depend in part on how many bicycles you are looking to store, how much room you have available in which to place the shed, and of course, your budget.  Generally speaking, large bike storage sheds will be more expensive than small bike storage sheds, but bike storage shed prices can vary considerably depending on the material and manufacturer.

When looking for sizes of bike storage sheds, you’ll sometimes see them listed in cubic feet, meaning the cubic feet of storage they provide, and other times the actual dimensions will be listed. This may require you to do a bit of deciphering to do any type of size comparison.

Bike Storage Shed Options

There is a wide assortment of options when it comes to outfitting outdoor bike storage sheds.  Some sheds will have hooks to hold related bicycle gear.  Others may have shelves or compartments to hold items like helmets or gloves.   Some sheds will have a single door that swings open while others will have dual doors that allow you to easily walk into the shed.

Some bike storage sheds will open from both the tops and the sides.  Other options include various types of flooring as well as locking mechanisms.  The types of options available are often dependent on the type of bike storage shed it is and whether it is horizontally or vertically aligned.

Bike Storage Shed Prices

As mentioned earlier, prices for bike storage sheds can vary considerably depending on the size, material, manufacturer and features of the shed.  Expect to pay around $200 minimum and upwards of $600 or more for a good bike storage shed.

If you are looking for a less expensive way to store your bicycles, you may prefer a bike storage rack that can stand on the floor of a garage or another type of shed or that can be hung on a wall.

Bike Storage Shed Manufacturers

Numerous manufacturers of outdoor sheds also offer bike storage sheds, or you can even use a regular outdoor shed to house your bicycles.  Some of the more popular manufacturers of bike storage sheds include:

  • Rubbermaid
  • Duramax
  • Arrow
  • Shelter Logic
  • Outdoor Living
  • Vestil

You can buy bike storage sheds online from companies such as Amazon or other online shed retailers.  You can also find bike storage sheds from some online bicycle companies or from retail stores that sell either sheds or bicycles.

Storage Shed Material Types

With a floor area averaging around 6’ x 3’, most bicycle storage sheds are suitable for getting more than just one bike in them.  For this reason, if you own multiple bikes or if you have a family that enjoys cycling and you have bikes of all different sizes, a dedicated bike shed may well be the perfect storage solution for all of your bikes in one place.

Bicycle sheds are a great solution if you do not have a lot of extra garage storage space and if you don’t have the room – or the need – for a larger shed.

Bike sheds are manufactured in three main types of material and this article looks at the pros and cons of each.

Wooden Bike Storage

You can get a wooden bike shed that is similar to the construction of a normal wooden shed, so this will be either overlap or tongue and groove construction.

A wooden bike shed will require a certain amount of maintenance over the years, such as staining or some wood preserving sealer being put on it.  The beauty of a wooden shed, however, is that you can modify the size and style of it to meet your needs and it also looks right at home in any garden.

Metal Bike Storage

If wooden bike sheds sound like a little bit too much maintenance is required from you, then you can always look for a powder coated steel version instead.  Although there are not as many metal or steel bicycle sheds on the market as wooden ones,  they certainly do exist and are hard wearing and long lasting.

A powder coated steel bicycle storage shed requires no maintenance throughout the lifetime of the shed, but personally I don’t think it has quite the same aesthetic appeal that a wooden bike shed does.  Another drawback of having a steel bike shed is that it is not that easy to install shelves inside it, so if you think you might want to make some adaptations to your shed, you may be better off choosing a wooden one.

Plastic Bike Storage

The final type of bike shed you can get is made from plastic.  These really have all of the same features as most steel bicycle sheds – they don’t particularly look very nice in your yard or garden and you can’t customize them easily, but on the other hand, they are cheap and do not require any maintenance.

Plastic bicycle sheds are very functional and are an economical alternative that many people choose simply because they serve their purpose well at a low price and with no maintenance needs.  Rubbermaid sheds are an example of these types of sheds, and they are a very popular option.

No matter what material you choose for your bicycle storage shed, buying a bicycle shed can be a great way to keep your family’s bicycles protected and out of the way while not taking up too much garage space, or even space under your carport if that is what you have at your home.  Wooden, metal and plastic bicycle sheds can keep your bikes protected from the elements of the weather, secure from robbery, and clean when not in use.  They can also keep your car from getting scratched up as you try to cram a few more things into an already tight garage space.


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