The Benefits of a Round Dining Table

Featured Image: Casual Dining Table Base, Deep Merlot Finish

One item of dining room furniture rarely seen these days is the round dining table. The main reason (presumably) for this is that people think that they don’t have the space for them. This is a common area of misconception, since in the same area where you could have a rectangular dining room table you could have a round one and seat more people as well as providing more room around the edges for people to get to their dining chairs from.

King Arthur Inspired!

Whenever I think of a round dining table I think of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. There’s a certain majesty and mystique that goes along with that, and I feel that now when I dine at my round dining table. It seems like the time is right for the round dining table to make a comeback since it seems that people may be getting bored with the traditional rectangular tables that you see in homes all around the world.

The Main Benefit of Round Dining Tables

Whether they do become popular or not, there’s no doubt that when used in the right way they can provide a special atmosphere to a dinner meal like no other. The reason for this is that the round shape of them means that everyone can see each other when dining, meaning everyone can have an equal part in the conversation.

everyone can see each other when dining, meaning everyone can have an equal part in the conversation

When eating at a large round dining room table you’ll often find that there is one global conversation between everyone there rather than several mini conversations between people. This is great because it means that no-one is left out and that no cliques are formed around the table.

Popular Types of Round Dining Tables

Common round dining tables come in either wood, glass or metal (although metal is less common). The most popular of these is wood, due to the durability and cheapness of them. One major benefit of glass dining tables is that they are incredibly easy to clean when compared to the other types (and if you don’t use frequent table clothes you will need to clean or wipe down your round dining table a lot).

To avoid having to clean so much I’d recommend using place mats (for dishes and to rest your plates on), coasters (so that drinks don’t leave ring marks) and a global table cloth that covers the entire round dining table (which acts almost as a last line of defense for the table).

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