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Wood Furniture Cleaner

Wood Furniture Cleaner is all natural, earth friendly, using a combination of traditional perspective and modern innovation, Wood Furniture Cleaner will quickly and safely clean, furniture, remove dirt, grime, smoke and old waxes from dull wood finishes such as French polish, varnish and modern lacquer. Our Furniture Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning a recently acquired or previously neglected antique...(Made in USA)

Natural Citrus Solvent

All Natural Citrus Solvent is all natural, biodegradable, non toxic and colorless. Only the finest purified orange oil is used in this product, making it "Water White" and perfectly clear. Our Natural Citrus Solvent is not to be confused with store brands that may contain [some] citrus solvent. Pure all-natural citrus solvent, contains no other chemicals or additives and is an excellent all-natural furniture cleaner,...(Made in USA)

$12.95 - $62.95
Synthetic Finishing Pads

Synthetic Finishing Pads are the world's leading surface cleaning hand pads. Unmatched cleaning and finishing quality, for applying furniture cleaner or blending waxes. Synthetic Finishing Pads will never rust and can be used with water or solvents. 6" x 9" sheets available in 4 grades ranging from light duty cleaning to heavy duty. Use with furniture cleaner or...

Bag of Rags

Cotton: Premium Cotton Rags are useful for many furniture care products, cleaning, furniture care, wood finishing and restoration projects. Use as a dust cloth with furniture polish, applying wax, removing wax, as well as...

Disposable Chip Brushes

Chip Brushes are inexpensive, disposable brushes useful as a furniture wax brush, applying paint, removers, wood bleach, staining, painting, wood finishing, etc. A useful utility brush, as a wax brush and many other furniture care projects...

$1.50 - $12.00
Liberon #2 Steel Wool

#2 steel wool is a more corse steel wool for all heavy stripping and cleaning work, such as stripping paint and varnish from wood prior to finishing or assisting with a furniture cleaner...

Polish & Wax Remover

Polish/ Wax Remover is our mildest, safest and easiest furniture care product to remove old furniture wax and polish from furniture, including...(Made in USA)

$20.00 - $139.00
All Natural Furniture Reviver

Furniture Reviver is an excellent furniture cleaner and mild finish restorer in an all natural low odor formula! This furniture care product was developed for todays environmental concerns using a combination of traditional perspective and...(Made in USA)

$23.00 - $55.00
Furniture Carcass Cleaner

Carcass Cleaner is an all-natural cleaner/deodorizer, conditioner, preserver and highly recommended for the interior of casegoods such as armoires, chests and cabinets that have become dry, stale and musty. Carcass Cleaner is made with environmentally friendly ingredients, including, natural cleaner, organic oils and beeswax...(Made in USA)

$29.00 - $52.00
No. 5 Extra Fine Steel Wool

No. 5 Premium Extra Fine Steel Wool is made to the highest standard for professionals in the furniture care industry. Recommended for applying furniture wax and furniture cleaner to fine antiques, wood and...

$3.00 - $112.00
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