Waxwell Wax Brush

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Waxwell Wax Brush
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6-3/4'' x 2" Brush
Furniture Wax Brush:
Waxwell Wax Brush
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Waxwell Wax Brush ( furniture wax brush ):

The Waxwell Wax Brush is an ergonomically designed wax brush for maximum long-term comfort while waxing. Inspired by an old-fashioned shaving brush, the Waxwell Wax Brush has a beautiful lacquered handle, which is shorter than many wax brushes and ideal for waxing in tight areas.


The ferrule of the Waxwell Wax Brush is hand nailed and rust resistant. The actual brush of the Waxwell Wax Brush is two-inch long natural bristle. We recommend cleaning the Maxwell Wax Brush with Little Fat Lye natural soap.


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Value Package
Waxwell Wax Brush + Cotton Cloths + Little White Lye Soap
Buy Cotton Cloths, Little White Lye Soap and get Waxwell Wax Brush at an additional 15% off our everyday low price.
Total Price: $48.00
Price for the Bundle: $42.90
This Item: Waxwell Wax Brush
Cotton Cloths
Little White Lye Soap
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