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Polish & Wax Remover
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$20.00 - $139.00
8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, Gallon
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Polish & Wax Remover
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Wax & Polish Remover ( wax remover ): 

Wax & Polish Remover is our mildest, safest and easiest to use furniture wax cleaner. It will remove old furniture wax, polish and dirt from wood furniture. Safe for all wood finishes, including French polish, varnish, lacquer and modern wood finish. Wax and Polish Remover is perfect, if you are planning a new furniture care maintenance plan or just wanting to remove wax or clean away old furniture polishes and wax buildup. Wax remover will ensure a properly prepared wood surface, it is easy to use, low oder and has a very subtle, yet pleasing scent. Wax & Polish Remover is Proudly Made in USA!


How To Remove Wax:

Remove wax by applying Wax & Polish Remover to a soft cotton cloth and wiping surface. While surface is still wet, remove wax, polish and dirt with a soft cotton cloth. Repeat if necessary. Revive dull wood finished surfaces with Burnishing Polish, if necessary, after removing wax.


In Addition:

If surface is extremely dirty, using No.5 Extra Fine Steel Wool to apply the polish and wax remover will expedite the wax removal.


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