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Renaissance Wax
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200 ml
Renaissance Wax:
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RENAISSANCE WAX ( wax polish ):

Renaissance Wax guards against the damaging effects of humidity and environmental contamination. Formulated by scientists at the British Museum, Renaissance Wax is a moisture resistant, durable protective finish for wood, marble, metal, stone, shell, onyx, ivory, paper, plastic, leather and other materials, and Renaissance Wax remains clear and will not stain or discolor delicate articles.


When applied to metals, steel, brass, copper, silver, etc., Renaissance Wax helps to prevent tarnish and corrosion, providing a protective barrier that excludes moisture and oxygen from the surface. This "anti-corrosion" quality is particularly beneficial in protecting objects, such as, swords, armour, helmets and weapons that are handled frequently by human hands. Renaissance Wax is commonly used to preserve and protect bronze and copper coins, as well as, preserving the patina of jewelry.


Renaissance Wax protects paper book covers and photographs, and artist use Renaissance Wax to add luster, depth and an invisible layer of protection to paintings, water colors and other works on paper. Renaissance Wax is pH neutral and will not damage the most sensitive materials.


How to Apply Renaissance Wax:

Applying a very thin coat of Renaissance Wax is all that is needed. Apply Renaissence Wax with a soft cloth and/brush if necessary. The surface will remain Crystal Clear through unlimited applications.



Simply apply Renaissance Wax with a clean soft cloth or brush. Once Renaissance Wax has dried, the surface may be left matt, or it may be gently polished to produce a pleasing glass-clear transparent finish. Renaissance Wax is completely reversible. Remove old polishes with Wax & Polish Remover if necessary before applying Renaissance Wax.


Maintaining Renaissance Wax:

Maintain Renaissance Wax by wiping and buffing surface with a soft clean cloth. Apply a fresh coat of Renaissance Wax as needed. 


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