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Pure Tung Oil Finish
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8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, Gallon
Tung Oil:
100% Pure Tung Oil Finish
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Pure Tung Oil ( all natural 100% pure tung oil ): 
Tung Oil is an all-natural, non-toxic, food safe wood finish, containing NO VOC's. Pure Tung Oil is a natural polymerizing wood finish with a nutty odor and contains no thinners, driers or any additives. Pure and Simple! This Tung Oil is Grade 1 yellow, clear in color, water and alcohol resistant, will not darken, and will never peel or crack. Tung Oil provides a durable protective barrier against water, stain resistant, food acid resistant, mar resistant and a flexible wood finish that will not mold. Pure Tung Oil is a durable all natural wood finish, and perfect for interior wood surfaces such as wood floors, cabinets, paneling, wood furniture and children's toys. Tung Oil is an excellent choice when an all-natural wood finish is needed for kitchen surfaces such as wood counter tops, chopping blocks, wood bowls, tables, etc.
Pure Tung Oil is also revered for it's natural aesthetic and performance on exterior wood surfaces, such as garden furniture, wooden decks, doors, etc. For wood surfaces where preserving the natural beauty of the wood is paramount, Tung Oil will accentuate, preserve and protect, without obscuring the woods natural beauty. Pure Tung Oil builds quickly and when dry, produces a beautiful protective matt finish.
When Tung Oil is used on interior finishes, it provides a classic natural hand rubbed look that is further enhanced by the application of a paste wax, all-natural beeswax paste or liquid wax, which will increase wood depth and surface protection. 
How To Apply Tung Oil:

Apply Pure Tung Oil liberally with a lint free cloth, brush or hand to a clean, dry and dust free wood surface. For ease of application and better Tung Oil penetration, thin up to 50% with citrus solvent, mineral spirits or turpentine. If your wanting to maintain an all natural environmentally friendly and food safe finish, we recommend using citrus solvent. Allow Tung Oil to penetrate for 30-40 minutes and wipe surface dry with a clean lint free cloth. DO NOT allow Tung Oil to dry on surface before wiping dry. We recommend 4-6 coats depending on surface use. Maintain with a light coat of Tung Oil 1-2 times a year or as needed.



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