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Leather Cleaner

Leather Maintenance leather cleaner is a non hazardous, non abrasive leather cleaner designed to clean leather very gently and safely. The Furniture Butler Leather Maintenance will penetrate deep into the leather pores, removing dust, grease, smoke and other contaminants thoroughly. This leather cleaner contains no wax or any ingredients that may potentially damage, discolor or dull the leather. Leather Maintenance leather cleaner...(Made in USA)

Leather Cleaner

Preservation Solutions Leather Cleaner is a very effective but gentle leather cleaner and can be used on all types of leather, including antique and modern furniture leathers. Leather Cleaner is easy to use - no mixing involved and it will not discolor the leather. Simply dampen a soft rag with the leather cleaner and gently wipe the surface...(Made in USA)

$9.95 - $13.95
Leather Saver

Leather Saver is a high quality non-toxic leather conditioner used to restore dry leather and maintain. Perfect for use on dry leather that is in good condition, Leather Saver is a fast penetrating leather conditioner that will not oxidize or darken leather and is an excellent choice for conditioning and treating both new and...(Made in USA)

$9.95 - $13.95
Restoration Leather Conditioner

Restoration Solutions Leather Conditioner is a leather care product designed to soften leather that is fragile or difficult to penetrate and can be used in situations were you should not use a leather conditioner with water. For best results use leather conditioner after cleaning or washing with leather cleaner...(Made in USA)

Leather Rejuvenator

Leather Rejuvenator is a strong leather conditioner developed for treating extremely dry or water damaged leather. Leather that stiff, damaged and antique leather must be treated carefully, using the correct products. Leather Rejuvenator leather conditioner provides the essential oils lost in the leather over time due to...(Made in USA)

Leather Polish

Leather Polish will enhance your leather, creating a soft shiny finish on the leather surface. Ideal for leather articles in which a higher shine is desired on furniture, saddles, equestrian tack and leather automobile seats...(Made in USA)

Suede Conditioner

Suede Conditioner is specially formulated to condition and soften suede and nubuck. Suede conditioner is non-toxic and does NOT contain silicone, sulfated oils, which can cause premature deterioration, or other oils such as Neats Foot Oil, Olive Oil, Mineral Oil or...(Made in USA)

Lincoln E-Z Cleaner

Lincoln EZ Cleaner is a non-solvent suede and leather cleaner that will safely clean surface dirt on suede, leather, fabric and like materials, including nubuck. This is a mild suede shampoo" that is strong enough to get out most grease marks...(Made in USA)

LCi-Foam Powder Suede & Leather Cleaner

LCi Foam Powder is an all-purpose, powdered detergent, suede and leather cleaner. When mixed with water it produces a powerful but sensitive cleaning agent. LCi Foam Powder can be used to clean suede, leather and vinyl. The recommended dilution is...(Made in USA)

Renaissance Wax

Renaissance Wax is a surface and furniture wax originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories. This furniture wax has a high moisture resistance, helping to prevent tarnish and corrosion when used on steel, brass, copper silver, etc. Renaissance furniture wax...

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