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Furniture Wax Brush
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Furniture Wax Brush:
Horsehair Wax Brush
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Furniture Wax Brush ( horsehair wax brush ):
Furniture Wax Brush is 100% horsehair, super soft horsehair and more horsehair per brush than many furniture brushes, helping prevent the brush collapsing during buffing. This horsehair Furniture Wax Brush is super soft, safe for fine furniture and the ideal Furniture Wax Brush for buffing and maintaining all waxed surfaces.

We offer this Furniture Wax Brush in (2) wax brush colors; light and dark. The light Furniture Wax Brush should be dedicated for use with clear or light colored waxes and the dark horsehair wax brush for darker waxes. Having separate wax brushes will eliminate the potential problem of dark wax contamination on a clear or neutral waxed surface. 


Our Furniture Wax Brushes are recommended by furniture care specialists and are among the finest wax brushes available. Professional Furniture Wax Brush quality that will last generations!!


* Wax Brush: 6-3/4" L x 2-3/8" W x 1-1/8" Brush


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