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Estate Wax

Estate Wax was original formulated for professional furniture care specialist & discriminating homeowners to maintain, antiques, fine furniture, and wood surfaces. Unlike many furniture waxes that are difficult to apply or too harsh for a fine wood finish, Estate Wax is a very gentle furniture care product with a pleasing low odor formula. Maintain antiques, fine furniture, and wood surfaces on a regular basis. User friendly and very...(Made in USA)

Beeswax Paste

Beeswax Paste is a high quality concentration of pure beeswax in a paste wax. Beeswax Paste is particularly suited for reproducing a "classic beeswax finish" on antiques, wood furniture, architectural details, faux finishes or any wood surface. Beeswax furniture wax provides an additional layer of protection to all wood surfaces, nourishing and helping to protect against dryness. This beeswax polish furniture care product is...(Made in USA)

$21.00 - $125.00
Table Top Wax™

Table Wax (furniture wax) is a unique hard wearing clear furniture wax developed to give maximum surface protection and durability to table tops. This furniture care product will protect and ensure daily resistance to dirt and water, while maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of antiques and fine wood surfaces. Table Wax furniture wax has natural UV filters, provides exceptional protection, excellent fingerprint and water mark resistance, scratch resistance and...(Made in USA)

$20.00 - $176.00
Pate Dugay Paste Wax

Pate Dugay furniture wax is a mild restoration paste wax for waxing furniture and antiques. It will enhance the patina of antiques without harming the wood finish. Pate Dugay furniture wax is a French furniture wax that is considered by many European craftsman to be the ideal paste wax for waxing antiques. Because of the unique furniture restoration qualities; formula viscosity and wood tones offered, Pate Dugay furniture wax has become a standard paste wax for many antique restoration shops and...

Rustic Wood Wax

Rustic Wood Wax is a durable all-natural clear paste wax for salvaged and reclaimed woods, particularly unfinished wood surfaces, such as a dining table, sideboard, or cabinet. Rustic Wood Wax is a "pure solids" wax base formulation of natural hard waxes, and highest quality clear oil, containing NO solvents, and NO-VOC's. This premium wax finish will protect, and naturally enhance the wood surface, while providing a natural low sheen. Easy to apply, non-toxic, food safe, and if maintained properly, provides excellent resistance to water, alcohol, and food acids, and...(Made in USA)

All Natural Butcher Block Wax

Culinary Beeswax Polish is a premium non toxic edible beeswax polish for the care of all wooden kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, salad bowls, wooden spoons, butcher block tops, wood surfaces, etc. An all natural beeswax polish, with NO odor, and the safest wax to use around children, food and wood surfaces. Culinary Beeswax Polish is offered in a paste wax. This wood and furniture care product is easy to use and protects against...(Made in USA)

Antiquing Wax™

Antiquing Wax™ is a soft wax for distressing and aging wood and furniture, particularly painted furniture, such as, chalk paint and milk paint. The soft wax formula of Antiquing Wax™ is low odor and very easy to use, creating an amazing antique effect on painted furniture, cabinets and walls. Antiquing Wax™ colors have been carefully formulated to...(Made in USA)

$28.00 - $190.00
Pate Dugay Wax

Super Patine furniture paste wax by Pate Dugay will produce a gloss wax finish. This French furniture wax is considered by many European craftsmen to be the ideal furniture wax for antiques. Pate Dugay is a mild restoration wax that will revive patina without harming the wood finish...

Furniture Wax Brush

This Furniture Brush is 100% horsehair and has more horsehair per brush than a typical shoe brush. Why? Because furniture is made of wood, not leather and if the brush collapses during buffing, the furniture wax brush (block) could potentially scratch or mare the wood surface. The horsehair in our furniture wax brush is super soft brush...




Renaissance Wax

Renaissance Wax is a surface and furniture wax originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories. This furniture wax has a high moisture resistance, helping to prevent tarnish and corrosion when used on steel, brass, copper silver, etc. Renaissance furniture wax will not damage the most sensitive materials, as it is free from acids and pH neutral. This paste wax is used by conservators, artist  and restores for... 

Harrell's Original Wax Polish

Harrell's (Original) furniture wax polish is a traditional English recipe using pure beeswax. Harrell's Furniture Wax Polish is still made in their London factory. This particular furniture wax blend is Harrell's best quality hard furniture wax and produces a beautiful long lasting wax finish. Harrell's Wax is a very durable furniture wax, easy to apply, buff and has excellent finger mark resistance. Although this furniture paste wax is...

$19.95 - $23.95
Mylands Wax

Mylands furniture wax is a suitable paste wax for all wood furniture care, whatever the color. This wood and furniture wax is a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and (shellac wax) providing a superb and very durable gloss paste wax finish. Additional paste wax applications provide increased durability and added depth...

Black Bison Wax (Clear)

Black Bison furniture paste wax (clear paste wax). Black Bison (clear) paste wax is not quite as clear as the (neutral) paste wax but offers the expected "natural" color of a furniture paste wax. Use on all types of wood, wood furniture and especially fine antique furniture. Liberon Black Bison furniture wax produces a high gloss wax finish and is particularly resistant to...

Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax (Neutral)

Black Bison furniture wax (neutral paste wax) is a balanced blended furniture wax of 11 natural and mineral waxes including beeswax and carnauba wax. Use neutral furniture wax on all types of wood, wood furniture and antiques when no wax color is preferred. This furniture wax is made in England and produces a high gloss paste wax finish that is particularly resistant to finger and water marks. Black Bison furniture wax is...

Black Bison Wax (Tinted) Paste Wax

Liberon Black Bison furniture wax (tinted paste wax) is available in several paste wax colors. This furniture wax has 11 natural and mineral waxes including pure beeswax and carnauba wax, for use on all types of wood, wood furniture and especially fine antique furniture. Made by Liberon in England, Black Bison furniture wax produces a high gloss wax finish that is hard wearing, resistant to finger and water marks...

Polish & Wax Remover

Polish/ Wax Remover is our mildest, safest and easiest furniture care product to remove old furniture wax and polish from wood furniture. A safe furniture cleaner for all finishes, including the finest French polish, varnish, lacquer and modern wood finish. If you are planning a new furniture care maintenance plan or just wanting to clean and remove furniture wax buildup, this furniture cleaner will ensure...(Made in USA)

$20.00 - $139.00
All Natural Furniture Cleaner

Furniture Cleaner is an all natural, earth friendly wood and furniture cleaner! This furniture care product will quickly and safely clean furniture, remove dirtgrimesmoke and old paste waxes. All Natural Furniture Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning a recently acquired and neglected antique, fine piece of furniture, paneling, cabinets, decorative wood object, or...(Made in USA)

$22.00 - $170.00
All Natural Furniture Reviver

Furniture Reviver is an excellent furniture cleaner and mild finish restorer in an all natural low odor formula! This furniture care product was developed for todays environmental concerns using a combination of traditional perspective and modern innovation. This furniture cleaner/reviver will quickly, easily and safely revive and restore dull wood finishes such as French polish, varnish and modern lacquer. Effectively removes light scratches...(Made in USA)

$23.00 - $55.00
Burnishing Polish

Restoration Burnishing Polish is a low odor all natural finish restoration polish. This furniture care product is an excellent finish reviver and mild furniture cleaner that will revive and restore dull wood finishes such as French polish, lacquer and varnish to their original clarity. Burnishing Polish works quickly and safely to remove bloom, white water marks, haze and most scratches in wood finishes...(Made in USA)

$24.00 - $32.00
White Ring Remover

White Ring Remover is all natural and one of our most popular furniture care products for a good reason - it really works! White Ring Remover will safely remove most white ring marks from finely finished wood surfaces. An environmentally friendly product that is safe to use on antique and traditional finishes such as French polish, lacquer and varnish. Amazing furniture care...(Made in USA)

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