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Pumice Powder/ Polishing Powder

Pumice Powder is a natural volcanic stone with excellent polishing qualities. It has many polishing applications in wood finishing, creating antiquing affects, furniture polishing, etc. It is also a key ingredient when French polishing furniture...

Rottenstone/ Polishing Powder

Rottenstone is a form of limestone used for polishing furniture, ageing modern furniture, picture frames, etc. It is finer than Pumice and when polishing furniture finishes, will produce a higher sheen...

Tripoli Powder/ Polishing Powder

Tripoli Powder is an extra fine abrasive powder for polishing wood and furniture finishes...


Wool-Lube™ is a useful lubricant when preparing/rubbing a wood finish with steel wool, synthetic pads or sandpaper. Wool-Lube™ is a unique solvent free, silicone free, non-flammable, non-toxic liquid lubricant and safe for use on all finished wood surfaces. Use Wool-Lube™...

Felt Rubbing Block

Felt blocks are used with various rubbing/ polishing compounds for furniture polishing, rubbing out imperfections and adjusting the sheen of furniture and wood finishes. The firm surface of the felt rubbing block helps avoid rolling over and cutting through edges while polishing wood and furniture, providing a smooth uniform wood finish...



Cork Rubbing Block

Used with all types of sandpaper and finishing paper to achieve a level surface. Cork rubbing blocks are lightweight, fit comfortably in the hand and make sanding much easier. The firm surface helps prolong the life of the sandpaper. Use wet or dry and for polishing a hard wax finish...

Rubber Block

Stiff Rubber Block designed to produce a flat, smooth surface when used with wet or dry sandpaper, abrasive pads, micro-mesh, or cover with a cloth for use with water base compounds or solvent base compounds...

Synthetic Finishing Pads

Synthetic Finishing Pads are the world's leading surface cleaning hand pads. Unmatched cleaning and finishing quality, for applying furniture cleaner or blending waxes. Synthetic Finishing Pads will never rust and can be used with water or solvents. 6" x 9" sheets available in 4 grades ranging from light duty cleaning to heavy duty. Use with furniture cleaner or...

Burnishing Polish

Restoration Burnishing Polish is a low odor all natural finish restoration polish. This furniture care product is an excellent finish reviver and mild furniture cleaner that will revive and restore dull wood finishes such as French polish, lacquer and varnish to their original clarity. Burnishing Polish works quickly and safely to remove bloom, white water marks, haze and most scratches in wood finishes...(Made in USA)

No. 5 Extra Fine Steel Wool

No. 5 Premium Extra Fine Steel Wool is made to the highest standard for professionals in the furniture care industry. Recommended for applying furniture wax and furniture cleaner to fine antiques, wood and...

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