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All Natural Furniture Cleaner
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All Natural:
Furniture Cleaner
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Furniture Cleaner ( all natural furniture cleaner ): 

Furniture Cleaner is an all natural wood furniture cleaner. Our Furniture Cleaner is very effective and developed for todays environmental concerns using a combination of traditional perspective and modern American innovation. No product performance has been sacrificed to produce this all natural furniture cleaner, in fact, performance has been enhanced. Furniture Cleaner will quickly and safely clean finished wood surfaces, remove dirt, grime, smoke and old waxes. It is safe for the homeowner or professional to use on all wood and furniture finishes, including varnish, polyurethane, French polish and modern lacquer. All Natural Furniture Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning a recently acquired and neglected antique, fine furniture or decorative wood object. The effectiveness of our Furniture Cleaner makes cleaning large surfaces such as paneling, cabinets and bookcases an easy task. All Natural Furniture Cleaner contains No Petroleum Distillates and has a very pleasant scent with NO harsh odor. Proudly Made In USA!


How To Use Furniture Cleaner:

1. To Clean; Simply apply all natural furniture cleaner liberally with a clean, soft cotton cloth and wipe wood surface, turning cloth frequently. Wipe furniture cleaner dry with another clean, soft cloth. Repeat if necessary. Use No. 5 Premium Extra Fine Steel Wool if surface is extremely dirty, as it will expedite the cleaning process. 



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