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SculpWood Epoxy Putty
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16oz Resin, 16oz Hardner
Epoxy Wood Putty
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SculpWood Epoxy Wood Putty ( wood epoxy ):

SculpWood Epoxy Wood Putty is a solvent free, kneadable, 2-component epoxy resin that will repair or replace rotted wood and missing woodwork. SculpWood Epoxy Putty is stronger than most wood, and with an working time of 60 minutes, can be molded and tooled to duplicate intricate moldings, carvings and architectural details. SculpWood Epoxy Wood Putty is perfect for jobs where total replacement is impractical, or where there's a desire to preserve as much original woodwork as possible. Once cured, in about 8 hours, SculpWood Epoxy Wood Putty can be treated just like wood. It can be nailed, drilled, sawed, or sanded. When mixed, SculpWood Epoxy cures to a natural pine color, but stays porous enough that it may be stained, painted or finished. Epoxy Wood Repair is weatherproof and will not shrink, making SculpWood Epoxy Wood Putty ideal for both interior or exterior use. 


Value Package
SculpWood Epoxy Putty + Rotted Wood Hardener
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Total Price: $50.90
Price for the Bundle: $45.51
This Item: Epoxy Wood Putty Wood Rebuilder
Rotted Wood Hardener
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