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100% Cotton Polishing/ Dusting Cloth

100% Cotton Flannel Dust Cloth is a unique Cotton Dust Cloth! Versatile with many furniture care products, Cotton Dust Cloth, which has become a favorite among estate managers and furniture care specialists. On one side it is 100% soft cotton flannel, super soft for dusting, polishing, cleaning, applying wax, etc. On the other side however, it is a soft cotton tee-shirt quality texture for buffing out a paste wax finish...

Wool Hand Duster

Highest quality premium handmade wool duster is all-natural, long lasting and requires no chemicals. The natural lanolin in this 10" fluff of wool draws dust like a magnet, capturing every fleck of dust and holding it with great tenacity until duster is shaken...(Made in USA)

Handmade Feather Duster

This handcrafted feather duster is made in America using the highest quality ostrich feathers available. The ostrich feathers used to make this feather duster are very rare, super soft and perfectly fluffy, making this feather duster ideal for pianos, organs and other musical insterments, and of course, fine antiques and furniture...(Made in USA)

Flannel Dusting Cloths

Value Pack of (6) 100% Cotton Flannel Dust Cloths. Versatile cotton dust cloth, which has become a favorite among estate managers and furniture care specialists. Dust cloths are 100% cotton flannel, super soft for dusting, applying furniture polish, cleaning, waxing, and...

Microfiber Hand Duster

Microfiber Cloth: Our Microfiber Hand Duster is super light weight, has an ultra low profile and a special loop design that attracts and holds dust like magic (magic dust not required our needed). This Mini Microfiber Duster is great for dusting furniture, shelves, computer and electronic equipment. Best of all...

Ostrich Feather Duster

This Ostrich Feather Duster has very soft, pliable feathers that will attrack dust like a magnet. Made by hand, the ostrich feathers are hand selected for each feather duster and securely fastened to a hand-turned handle. A very durable ostrich feather duster that...(Made in USA)

Ultra Plush Microfiber

(2) Ultra Plush Microfiber!! Polar White Ultra Plush Microfiber dust cloth is perfect for dusting or applying furniture polish to large surfaces like wood paneling, armoires and dining room tables. The extra thickness of this ultra plush microfiber cloth increases the...

Edgeless Microfiber

(2) Edgeless Microfiber Cloths!! Super Plush Edgeless Microfiber Cloth is an excellent choice for furniture polish, buffing, polishing and dusting furniture. Extra absorbent, lent free and non-abrasive, makes our Edgeless Microfiber Cloth perfect for...

Microfiber Dusting Mitt

Microfiber Cloth: Microfiber Dusting Mitt is great for dusting and cleaning around the house. This convenient microfiber cloth is perfect for dusting antiques, fine furniture, mirrors and even that favorite bronze sculpture. The unique ultra-fine microfiber cloth is super soft and will not scratch the finest finish. Our microfiber dusting mitt is...

Plush Microfiber

Plush Microfiber Dust Cloth is super soft and extra plush! This is an excellent microfiber cloth for general dusting/cleaning and because of the cloths color and texture, it is particularly suited for cleaning and polishing metal surfaces... 

Cotton Cloths

Premium 100% Cotton Cloths are ideal for many furniture care and restoration projects. Each cloth is machine cut to a uniform size and bleached for maximum absorbency and softness. Excellent for dusting, applying polishes, stains, finishes or any project requiring a highly absorbent, low-linting and dye-free cotton cloth...

Microfiber Dusting Cloth

Microfiber Dust Cloth: Our Ultra Soft Suede Microfiber furniture dust cloth is the softest microfiber dust cloth available. This microfiber dust cloth is perfect for cleaning, dusting and polishing the finest, most delicate antiques, fine furniture and collectibles. The microfiber grabs and HOLDS dust in an extraordinary fashion... 

Bag of Rags

Cotton: Premium Cotton Rags are useful for many furniture care products, cleaning, furniture care, wood finishing and restoration projects. Use as a dust cloth with furniture polish, applying wax, removing wax, as well as...

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Cloth: This Microfiber Cloth is prefect for general cleaning, furniture cleaning, wiping, polishing or as a dust cloth. The (increased) capillary action of this microfiber cloth will remove and trap all surface dirt and dust. This cleaning/ dust cloth has superior microfiber trapping function, absorbing water and oil instantly...

Microfiber Waffle Weave Glass/ Mirror Towels

Our Microfiber Waffle Weave glass and mirror towel is professional quality, lint-free, streak free, extra sturdy and the best microfiber window and glass towel that we have tested. All of the classic qualities and performance expected from a fine glass and mirror towel, and in the most beautiful presentation of...

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Suede Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth: This Ultra Fine Suede Microfiber furniture dust cloth is the softest microfiber dust cloth available. Our microfiber cloth is perfect as a dust cloth, cleaning and polishing the finest, most delicate antiques, fine furniture and collectibles. The tenacity of this super thin and soft microfiber dust cloth is amazing...

Microfiber Waffle Weave

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth has a waffle weave, making it prefect for general household dusting, polishing and cleaning. The increased cloth volume and waffle weave texture, provides improved capillary action of the microfiber, while expediting the cleaning effort. Microfiber cleaning cloth will...

Terry Cloth Towels

100% Cotton: Our Cotton Terry Cloth Towels are 100% Cotton, fully hemmed, very absorbent and ideal for general purpose cleaning, polishing and detailing. Because of the added texture, these towels are excellent for cleaning or buffing a surface were too much paste wax has been applied to a surface. Great for use with a furniture cleaner or leather cleaner...

Cloth Diapers

100% Cotton: Super Soft 100% Cotton Diapers are made of the world’s best cotton. Yes, we have searched the world and these are the best! Our Premium Cotton Diapers will pamper the finest surfaces, making them ideal for dusting, polishing and cleaning wood furniture. Cotton diapers are particularly helpful for buffing paste or liquid wax...

Feather Duster

This Black Ostrich Feather has a unique softer feather when compared to the gray "drab" feathers and are exclusive to the mature male birds.The black ostrich feathers are more rare, as there are about 4 female birds to every one male bird. They also tend to be more...(Made in USA)

Microfiber Gloves

Microfiber Gloves are great for general cleaning and dusting but an excellent choice for detailing large or hard to reach areas such as banisters, handrails, cove moldings, fluted columns, chair and table turnings, sculptures, decorative objects, etc...



Cotton Inspection Gloves

Cotton Inspection Gloves are perfect for handling objects while dusting or polishing. They are dust free and leave no lint...

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Microfiber Mitt

Microfiber Mitt: Microfiber Mitt is great for dusting and cleaning around the house. This convenient Microfiber Mitt is perfect for dusting antiques, fine furniture, mirrors, etc. The Microfiber Mitt is super soft, extreamly durable, lint free and will not scratch the finest finish. Our Microfiber Mitt is...

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