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Beeswax Paste

Beeswax Paste is a high quality concentration pure beeswax polish in a paste wax. Beeswax Paste is a particularly suited furniture wax for reproducing a "classic beeswax finish" on antiques, wood furniture, architectural details, faux finishes or...(Made in USA)

$28.00 - $137.00
All Natural Beeswax Polish

All Natural Beeswax Polish is a high concentration of pure beeswax polish in a unique high performing beeswax furniture polish. We hand-make our All Natural Beeswax Polish in small batches weekly, ensuring freshness and the highest level of quality. All Natural Beeswax Polish is very easy to apply and buff, has excellent fingerprint resistance and will never become sticky...(Made in USA)

Original Beeswax Polish

Original Beeswax Polish was voted "The Best!" beeswax furniture polish by House Beautiful. It is an old world beeswax furniture polish that cleans, protects, and preserves with pure beeswax. Original Beeswax Furniture Polish will...(Made in USA)

$12.95 - $119.95
Liquid Beeswax Polish

Beeswax Polish is low odor Liquid Beeswax Polish, combining a rich concentration of 100% pure beeswax in a low odor formula to create a classic beeswax polish. Liquid Beeswax Polish is ideal for all previously finished and unfinished wood surfaces, particularly antiques and large surfaces such as paneling, armoires, tables, staircases, etc. Low odor, easy to apply formula makes this beeswax polish perfect for indoor...(Made in USA)

$35.00 - $137.00
All Natural Butcher Block Wax

Culinary Beeswax Polish is a premium non toxic edible beeswax polish for the care of all wooden kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, salad bowls, wooden spoons, butcher block tops, wood surfaces, etc. An all natural beeswax polish, with NO odor, and the safest wax to use around...(Made in USA)

Beeswax Polish

Original Beeswax Furniture Polish (Case of 12), is an old world beeswax polish that cleans, protects, preserves with pure beeswax, never leaving wax build up. Original Beeswax Polish restores luster, leaves no oily residue, needs no buffing, and...(Made in USA)

All-Natural Antique Polish

Antiquers Wood Polish will clean, polish, moisturize, preserve and protect antiques, fine furniture and woodwork. Includes beeswax and other all natural ingredients to nourish, restore and maintain antiques, wood and wood furniture that has been neglected or needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Antiquers Wood Polish is an all natural single step beeswax furniture polish that is a moisturizing cleaner and beeswax polish, providing excellent scratch cover. Polish contains 100%...(Made in USA)

$16.00 - $26.00
Williamsville Liquid Beeswax Polish

Williamsville Beeswax Polish is a heat-blended liquid beeswax furniture polish with lemon oil. Williamsville Beeswax Polish will protect and preserve fine furniture, wood paneling and other finished woods. Producing a soft, satin beeswax furniture finish, Williamsville Beeswax Polish may be used on all types of wood and any finish...(Made in USA)

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All Natural Furniture Reviver

Furniture Reviver is an excellent furniture cleaner and mild finish restorer in an all natural low odor formula! This furniture care product was developed for todays environmental concerns using a combination of traditional perspective and...(Made in USA)

$23.00 - $55.00
Antique Wax

Sheradale beeswax furniture polish is formulated for antiques and fine furniture. This wood and furniture wax polish is manufactured to a traditional beeswax polish using natural waxes including...

Briwax Natural Beeswax

Briwax Beeswax Polish is manufactured to a traditional beeswax polish formula using soft beeswax and imported carnauba wax. This beeswax furniture polish includes refined natural beeswax, linseed oils and genuine turpentine...

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