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All Natural Butcher Block Wax
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6 oz
All Natural:
Butcher Block Wax
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Culinary Butcher Block Wax ( all natural butcher block wax ): 

Culinary Butcher Block Wax is the premier non-toxic edible beeswax wood finish for use on all wooden kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, salad bowls, wooden spoons, butcher block tops, wood surfaces, etc. Culinary Butcher Block Wax is a handmade all-natural beeswax formula, with NO odor, and the safest wax to use around children, food and wood surfaces that may contact food. All natural butcher block wax is easy to use, protects wood surfaces against damaging moisture and produces a rich, beautiful beeswax finish. Proudly Made in USA!


How To Use All Natural Butcher Block Wax:

Apply all natural butcher block wax sparingly by hand or soft cloth to butcher block, salad bowl, etc. Allow all-natural butcher block wax to dry before buffing to a rich beeswax sheen or use immediately. Two coats of butcher block wax are recommended. Maintain butcher block wax by wiping with a soft cloth, applying additional beeswax coats as needed. For a gentle cleaning and additional protection between coats of butcher block wax, try all-natural Patina Protector spray polish.
In Addition:
For added protection to unfinished wooden kitchen surfaces such as solid wood countertops and butcher block tops, we recommend using all-natural Wood Finishing Oil prior to applying Culinary Butcher Block Wax. Wood Finishing Oil is a specially formulated all-natural, durable, hardwearing, non-toxic tung oil finish that is resistant to water, heat and alcohol. Using Wood Finishing Oil in combination with Culinary Butcher Block Wax will increase protection, depth of finish and ensure an all-natural wood finish. We also offer a 100% Pure Tung Oil.


Value Package
All Natural Butcher Block Wax + Cotton Cloths
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Total Price: $35.00
Price for the Bundle: $29.80
This Item: Beeswax Polish "Culinary Wax™"
Cotton Cloths
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