6 Mistakes Furniture Buyers Should Watch Out For

The biggest mistake a furniture buyer makes is overlooking the quality of what they’re buying. Very few know what to look for, however, when deciding a piece of furniture’s quality. Dont get hung up on the value! Here’s a list of what to check before you make a purchase:

1. Watch the Nailheads

Especially in a home with small children or pets, make sure your new kitchen table doesn’t have screws on the legs – right at toddler/dog height – that are only halfway in and can make for a nasty scratch. These half-screwed screws are also a sign of poor quality. Half-screwed means half the support and half the durability, and the last thing you want is for your table to come out from under you at dinnertime.

2. Wobbly and or Weak Legs.

Continuing on with the “you don’t want your table to come out from under you” idea, whether you’re buying a kitchen table or a coffee table, make sure you check the legs. Are they sturdy or do they wobble? Are they well-affixed to the rest of the table or does it seem that your table is only supported by a singular screw? These are probably things you want to know before you buy it. IF you plan on fixing it at home make sure you have the right tools such as an impact driver.

3. Do You Really Love That Color?

Does that adorable spring green hutch really match your brown and red kitchen? Don’t buy something that isn’t going to fit into the color-scheme of your home. It isn’t practical and it isn’t realistic, and it’s a waste of money. Because once you put that green hutch into your brown and red kitchen, you’re probably going to hate it and get rid of it almost immediately. All that money is a waste and you’re out a hutch.

4. Drawers and Cabinets – Check The Basics

When you’re looking at that hutch (granted it matches your colors), check that the drawers and cabinets are deep enough to fit everything you intend to store in them. If you’re going to put your wine bottles on the bottom shelf, make sure that the bottom shelf is tall enough to house such bottles.

The same can also be said for shelves, such as bookshelves. The shelves will have to be tall enough for your encyclopedia collection if that’s all you plan on storing there. Keep in mind though that many times, these shelves are adjustable.

5. Are The Cushions Right?

It seems a little silly, but sit on a couch before you buy it. The springs may not have the exact bounce that you’re looking for in a couch. You won’t know until you test it out if you like the way your behind feels on a couch or a recliner.

6. Practicality, Practicality, Practicality

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Make sure it fits the size of the space you’re trying to fill, and make sure it fills the need you’re trying to accommodate. Keep in mind the general style of your home.

If you need a couch that seats at least three, don’t end up buying an armchair that only seats one, but was a great deal. It won’t do you any good. Also consider important factors such as, you have a big black lab. You don’t want a white couch. You have small kids. You don’t want sharp, pointy edges on your tables.

Tip: If you are buying antique furniture, make sure you invest in the best antique furniture wax!

if you have gone ahead and bought an old piece of furniture, make sure you clean it before use!

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