10 things to keep in mind when buying wicker patio furniture

Now that you’ve read our patio furniture buying guide and determined that wicker patio furniture is right for you let’s look at the Top 10 Things you need to look for when making your wicker patio furniture purchase. Price, maintenance, number of pieces needed, stock, seating, durability, moveability, repair, color and seating height. another thing to keep in mind is that wicker comes in a range of shapes, sizes, forms and materials. Buying sets may be convenient, but mixing and matching single pieces often has a much better impact than full sets.


The cost of wicker patio furniture pieces can quickly add up, especially if you are buying pieces individually. Be sure to compare prices & look for items that may be discontinued on sale or clearance.

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There are many different grades of wicker patio furniture. Be sure what you choose can be left outdoors year round and requires little to no maintenance. Pick something that will weather nicely.

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Number of pieces needed.

Best Selling Wicker chairs on Amazon

Best Selling Wicker chairs on Amazon

Know how many pieces your buying. Only buy the pieces you have room for. Take a list of what you need and know the dimensions of the space you have. This is when buying individual pieces may work out better, especially if you have a small space or an unusually larger patio space to fill.

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When looking at wicker patio furniture be sure to ask, “Is it currently in stock?” You don’t want to fall in love with a collection only to find out that it is currently out of stock & could take months to be shipped. Check availability ahead of time. Or buy online to avoid disappointment.

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wicker furniture buying guide

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When looking at chairs, benches, stools and sofas count the seating space. You need to know how many people you will comfortably have room for. It is easy to end up buying loads of small chairs and not realising that they cant seat many people. On the other hand buying large pieces to sit very few people doesnt make sense.

Buy smart!

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Be sure that the grade of wicker patio furniture you are buying can be easily taken care of. Is it easily stained? Will rain water or intense sunlight damage it? Answering these questions will help you determine what grade of Wicker patio furniture is right for you.

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You will most likely have to set this furniture up on your own. Is it to heavy for you to carry & move on your own? Wicker is naturally light weight , however if it is combined with metal and or harder woods, then it could weigh a fair bit, dont fall for deceptive looks! Additional  accessories such glass tops can often also add weight.

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Is this type of wicker patio furniture easily repairable? Can you repair it yourself or will you have to have a professional do that?

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Be sure the color you choose: white, black, tan, brown or otherswill match the decor you have. You might want to choose a neutral color so that as you change decor your wicker patio furniture will always match.

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Seating height

Decide ahead of time whether you want the seats to be bar height or table height. This will make a difference in tables and other pieces that you choose. When choosing seating don’t forget comfort. Make sure it’s a seat you will be comfortable sitting in.

You are now armed with all the information you need to make the right decisions regarding your wicker patio furniture purchase. Good Luck & have fun buying what you like!

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